The Sinners Guide to the World

Here is a guide just for you

The hopeless sinner

Tangled in the sheets of a stranger

Here is rule number one

Regret nothing

Because at the time that was what you wanted

Here is rule number two

Don’t forget the cheap alcohol

Because what other kind of fun

Here is rule number three

Cross your t’s and dot your I’s

No need to be caught in a lie

Here is rule number four

 Never call back

Believe they don’t want to hear from you anyway

Here is rule number five

Break all the rules they set in stone

You rebel you

Here is rule number six

 Don’t ask for forgiveness

You are after all always right

Here is rule number seven

Pretend to be a good kid

That is the idea of a lie

Here is rule number eight

Play the part and steal some heart

And wear your own on your sleeve

Here is rule number nine

Pick yourself up and dust yourself off

Live like you are proud of the beast you became

Finally, here is rule number ten

Get your shit together

Because one day all the fun will bite you in the ass.   


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