What The Fuck Am I

What the fuck am I

A girl or a guy

Why can't I decide

On which side I lie

I dream of removing my breasts

Shaving my head

Having muscles cut out of marble

I want to scream

What the fuck am I

A girl or a guy

I want to wear a wedding dress

And have flawless makeup

Walk with the elegance of princess

I want to look in the mirror just one time without wondering

What the fuck am I

A girl or a guy


I'm tired of having to decide

Androgyny is badass on the out and inside

I can hold my own in a fight and still have the perfect cat eye

Rock my stilettos with my polished suit and tie

Forget being a princess, I'm a fucking queen

With the power and strength of a king

I will take down all of the things in my way

Because I can have a mastectomy without needing the penis to match

I will go on shopping sprees, stuffing what I buy in the saddlebags of my Harley

I can enjoy a margarita and still like whiskey

Don't you dare try to confine me by asking me

What the fuck am I

A girl or a guy

Because I'll tell you

I am neither

I am Rylie

Gay as a double fucking rainbow

And tired of you asking.


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