Rant: Free Writing

Fri, 10/03/2014 - 02:16 -- Squeek

Let it go, let your mind go free! Don’t pick up the pen from the paper! Keep writing for the entire hour! I wanna see where your mind goes.

A free write? Again? A FREE write! OH! A journal about the day? Fine I’ll write a free write, to start I should say….(Breath intake) Sugar rum lime sip sip Mmm tasty spicy sour wings are sweet and pasty rocketships love handle hips what the fuck’s the point of this? I. hope. This. Is. Where. You.  See. That. shit’s. just. Spilling. Out. Of. Me. I’m wasting time you’re wasting mine I waste it more with every rhyme…..

It doesn’t have to rhyme.  


(Deep intake, sock puppet.)  

It hurts my feelings when we free write for hours… I get ANGRY when my hand starts to cramp from writing for hours. I UNDERSTAND the merit of free writes but It makes me feel PRESSURED when they’re assigned Recap class? Recap Life? Summerize life? We all know what happened in class. Why does this bug me? Why does this bug me? Why DOES this bug me? Why should it matter? Why should I care? Waste of time?            Hand is cramping, muscles twitching, shoulder aching, I can’t get comfy all these things are coming at me sounds from there …cough from behind, oh my gosh I’m back to rhymes.


Peppers pick themselves these days and American misses try to haze but they aren’t phased by modern ways attention is the thing that pays bananas in pajamas are coming your. Way. There’s a sign some design where I know all this ends, friends, mends, blends, trends… twitter #yolo #too slow #this-is-where-ma’-train-of-thought-goes: The oven’s hot so I use a mit, these free-writes are a load of shit.


I don’t mind writing it’s what I do the problem I, swear, isn’t you: I like style. I like class, but journals can just kiss my …but-that-being-said I don’t condone writing in a write-free zone. I will write when I want, it’s not for you to grade or taunt: if writing for fun makes us free then why can’t you just let it be. Have to pee, Girl is she captain hook’s mate was called smee and this-is-what-happens-when-ma’-mind-goes WHEEEEEEE!!!!!

I hate free writes that are assigned sincerely yours, from my young, free, mind. 


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