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I have disappeared.   Disappearence is common. Allies swallow people.  Lakes surround a soul and rob them.   This is not a dissapearence I have been dealing with.  
Open your eyes And see the truth that you are blind to Open your eyes See all the joys that you have missed Open your eyes See all the nights I searched to find you Open your eyes
"You can be anything you want," They sang to me on my eighth birthday. You can be a doctor, a musician Or a happy astronaut. And I believed all that they said, And that night in my bed
Stand Tall Stay Strong That’s what they say But do they understand the natural urge The natural inclination to hurt oneself It’s not something we asked for None of us thought we’d be “that” kid
I was a deer stopped dead in its tracks. My head pounding;
Sliding my fingers
I Got My Flowers Today
Once someone asked me, What happened to you? What happened to me? What did they mean? The mirror showed it all. My shoulders were now sagging and my eyes looked cold. You would have thought i was born with scars
Adults always tell us that they know best They have more experience, and time, they'll attest They feed those words Into our brains Inject that message into our infant veins
A proud man who always worked hard Never gave up and reached for the stars Held out his arms when we'd fall He helped us be strong to stand tall Made us laugh through the years
Immune to love immune to pain Feelings, thoughts unfelt, in vain Her eyes aligned to vacancy Trapped in remains of broken dreams A cold facade, call her a fraud But if only you could see,
You're so confused Living life day to day You're so new to this Just don't look back to yesterday
A rainbow of promise,
Do you know what it's like to walk on a bridge that is deteriorating? That is strung between the high plateaus on either side of a canyon floating, No safety net.    An abyss below, an abyss of failure, 
She comes hom with a smile on her face, Nobody dares ask why, But if you look at the joyous space, There is sadness in her eyes. She laugs to convince that she's okay, Though they do not notice anyway,
I can see the end And the story cannot be changed No matter what I would like to pretend   This book is already written From the first page to the last It has planned my life unbidden
Conflicted. Sadness; Depression. You're not alone.
Emotions, the power that drives us every day and every hour. Its what makes a person unique The identity within every single persons , Some bad and some good Along long with the negative, comes the positive.
You know what sucks? My pain in my heart I'm losing my luck It taste bitter and tart I feel tired all the time Yet my heart races fast I'm losing my prime My time won't last
Impressive in your eyes I seem, but more Impressive yet are you who believe in my life so vague, filtered to exclude the truth.   My anxious fingers produce
Young in age but aged so young Denied no hymnal yet to be sung. Against Her good nature, no heed to Her grace Death stole a lamb with no wool to replace. Left in the Valley, taken tomorrow
The feeling of depression bogs you down, all the negatives are collapsing over and over again. No one is there, and no one can help, No one knows you, and you are all alone.
Darkness  Is all I can see  Death  Is all I dream  Happiness  Has long since faded away  Struggle  Each and every single day Mind  Is slowly turning to dust  Pain 
Wounded Healer His footprints fade from the sand on the beach. I understand that depression it kills Cause my bestfriend swallowed handfuls of pills
I sit on the cliffs of melancholy, listening as the waves of despair roll in and out. I hear a scream, a splash, As someone gives in and jumps, a knife, a gun, a rope in their hand. Should I follow?
People decided to shun So he turned to the 
Breathless and grasping for air My breath chokes for the wind,  My lungs don't seem to dare,
You sit in your room thinking of all possible ways overdose Hanging Shooting Jumping They constantly run through your head You cant decide which one You go to bed
She sat there in disbelief, The things they had written were so malicious. She read the words on the screen: Whore, slut, bitch.
I was misguided. My demons would taunt me. Convince me to wander on countless occasions. I'd roam around until they'd finally attack. They always did and always do, as soon as they see their chance. They feed on any sign of weakness.
Rescue me from this broken heart And all that is dark From this stolid state And harm that awaits Take me far away To my happy place Hopefully you're not too late Rescue me  
Screaming on the inside, praying that I can go and hide. No one sees the demons that pull at me inside. I laugh outside, as I cry inside.
feeling so small when you look at the sky
She was a girl that wore a smile But only for a short while, She thought life was easy from what she heard But it was all lies Her life began to hurt and pain kept coming Like bullets from a gun, She was alone With no strength to hold on She felt
Our eyes are once again forced open by the sound of a beeping alarm. Morning has stolen our precious sleep.
When she was fifteen, Her pure pigment spirit was watered down By the unrelenting attack of paintbrushes lined with insults, deceit, and betrayal. She became transparent, translucent,
I see the body, still and pale from its own self slaughter. The fragility is unsurpassable, my eyes overflow. I smell the self-hatred, the terror, the finalization. The strength overwhelms me, I cannot breath.
I wish that I could tell you, About all my seasons of grey   I would tell you about the pain                                           That never seems to end                                                    
i just think if i could change..... what would i do? how could i make them sorry that they evr did this to me?, Because they lied and promised things like a loving family, but when night comes im cold and alone,
I've heard that life isn't worth leaving. That it's selfish to take your life away. Why do we think that way? Has life taken us in it's death grip? Can we stand up, can we take the trip?
Smiling, laughing, eternally cheery Why can't anyone hear my screaming? Showing the world my best face Make sure that the mask stays
what a thing
"Alone, alone, alone..." The phrase that plagues my mind day in and day out... Yet it rings true about who I really am.  I am alone. Feeling ever so distant;
Looking out at the vastness of space I see that my life, my troubles, are petty and insignificant. Who are we? So meaningless and small Our lives just pinpoints of time and space
Why see the world black and white. 
They don’t see the hole in this                                                        heart. Everthing is dying                 inside. No know hears this 
I stay positive for friends and foes. They're the ones who need it the most. I try to be the light of their lives. Just to keep them one more night. Alive. They need to know someone cares.
I can't seem to imagine life without death.
So I spoke to them today: I asked for their names. They certainly gifted me with lines of organized syllables and vowels but not their names.
Freak, Loser, Hopeless, Worthless. These words followed her home. She clicked the lock on the bathroom door so no one could hear her sobs.
When I look in the mirror I see the real me. When other people look at me, they see the façade that I put up so they won't know me, and judge me and make me feel like... nothing.
Stomping on my heart he flew away To someone who had torn his heart Another victim of rape and losing hope of love Broken relationships due to constant sexual abuse I know there's no hope left 
Orange Vial White Lid Happy Smile  The World Undid  
I wonder what it felt like
With a world filled with hatred, a world or sorrow Maybe no one would notice if I disappear tomorrow In the heat of all the chaos, in all the confusion Within the earth I created fusion
My face, a closed mask My feelings, bottled in A smile, plastered on my face No one looks, behind the mask No one sees, what I am in   I'm angry at the world
I can see that I'm here alone
Never goo
A young girl just twelve years old sees a guy from a few feet over s
I see you struggling, I have no idea what to do. How can I be so helpless When I've been through this too? I remember feeling scared, And so lonely I could scream; But I was stuck behind a smile
There was an it once, about ye high and ye thin
As I sit here, Pondering.                     Wondering. Will I ever be good enough?
It's been a long year round our feet still barely on the ground I've talked you off the cliff more times than I can count I've learned some things to say but I'm still learning every day
The Reason I cry: to cry for all who feel pain The Reason I laugh: to show my pain The Reason I sing: to tell a story The Reason I talk loud: to make my soft and meek voice be heard
The monster who creeps in your window asking you to come towards it, whispering in your ear, hands you a blade  "Take it, and let your only friend heal you, let it go and come with me" 
Don't worry. It may seem as if the rain will never go away But I promise the winds will eventually change. Besides, not every cloud brings rain. Sometmes you just need to change your point of view.
I take a step back catch my breath. Hand on my chest, feeling the heart beat. Glad I still possess.   Is a lost love able to take a part of me? That familiar pain,
Why are you this way? Why do you wish to escape the hands that brought you to life Do you wish to die my love? Or have you already died....?
I wish you could hear them, the screams inside my head. I wish you could feel it, the monster beneath my skin, I wish you could fight them, without a blade to untouched skin,
You're falling. You try to grab onto something, but everything escapes from your grasp. You're bawling. You don't know how to escape from this life of pain. Darkness is all there is.
Darling, darling she’s losing sleep, She can’t keep track of all her sheep, Numbness and tasteless overflow, When will these feelings ever go? Nightmares flooding her dark abyss,
In our lives we learn many different things, like how redbull doesn't really give you wings. Or how there are no monsters underneath our beds, because they're all too busy dancing inside of our heads.
Little girl's tears run down a red cheek All she ever heard is "You are such a freak!" Sitting quietly with metal death in her hand With a lot of fear and nothing more to stand
I cry for the ones i love.   
My love had a brother once Lost as he was Then one day he was no more He tore himself from his life Stole himself from his friends, his family
I see you there hurting,
Before you do anything. Before you can even act.
You can say that I'm growing. I guess you can say that, but, my feet remain tender  and my legs remain weak. So built in appearance, so honored in name. However, I wish I could make my name become sane.
Oh never mind me I'm just a little spacey I won't bother you Oh never mind me I don't need any help, thank you I wouldn't bother you Oh never mind me
You feel the heat rushing through your veins; the time is now. All of the things that have caused you pain will vanish before the dawn arises.
You hear the whispers. Your hear the rumors. Everyone is talking. Everyone is judging.
The face I keep inside of me Struggle to keep a hold of me
Stands on edge of precipice, Ebony abyss Battle born, there has never Been a war like this. Criss-cross grooves from razor blades Creeping up young arms Voice in barren wilderness,
Tick tock, tick tock.
She walks through the halls,     A shadow alone                                The popular one
She stood.   She faced her worst enemy. Looked her dead in the eyes. Even though her enemy's face was cracked and broken, the enemy stared. A menacing growl came from her lips. But, She stood.  
Cracks shine through the sides only to be left A dark cloud comes through, a dissapointment They expected something different not theft Not suddenly drained of their excitement
Tweedle-Dee, tweedle-dum. She lays there likes a drum, as he's pounding into her. Treating her like no one. This goes on every night, and days when Aunty is away. He rapes her and beats her, forcing her to stay.
The way they smile With their mouth and not their eyes gives them a feeling  of being tortured in side hiding under smiles of lies causing them to question their reason to continue to live their life
Ocean eyes that tell a story  about the rough seas  though you would never know He reveals a smile of innocent perfection  so you cannot see, nor hear about how his ship rocked
You think you are safe you think you are sound- A place where many are not found for what they want is not what they need- but they search on in this unfamiliar place.  
flooding with ignited thoughts ---you don't have to do this tons of pressure push you to the ground ---please don't stress is the leash that tightens its grip ---I will listen, I promise
No one notices how you cry at night. No one notices how your heart aches through the day. No one notices your depression.
now i think... when i lived on 51st there was no such thing as dreams not even in my sleep i would wake up screaming but no one would ever hear me was it my fault that nobody was there for me?
Nights are probably the worst The sun goes down and the dark wraps around me Nobody to disract me from the screaming voices in my head My heart, beating out of my chest in pain So silent, So empty
Come child Come to me childy Allow me to wrap my arms of darkness around you. I can make you forget all the pain and hurt. You'll never be cold in my arms, youll never have to shiver in the cold Winter wind.
People say I'm happy, that I'm never without a smile. I bet those people would be pretty surprised to find that I used to spend nights wishing to die. There is a mask that every person fakes,
Dont judge me,  you don't know how I feel.This pain in my heart, the stabbing,  it's real.
"You'll be happy."             it wispers. "I undestand."            it tells me. "It all will go away"             it explains. "They'll move on"              it says.
Everyone has hard times. A black hole in their life. Always there wanting you to jump in. Your entire life you walk around it. Somedays you want to jump in. Not knowing where it leads.
I looked at you, you looked at me. We locked eyes. You smiled at me. I smiled back. I shoud've seen the pain. I should've known. But I didn't see the pain. And I didn't know.
A beautiful Tuesday.           Seventh period.           A chair was full. Full of life, full of curiosty          And love. Full of logic          and a bold personaity On a beautiful Tuesday night
Lustrous beams of rainbow light,
I am a sickness I am a sickness that will never leave you I am at the back of your mind I will cause you sleepless nights I am just a mistake away I am what will give you ease
The darkness of trouble   The dark room where you think the issue being your own character Sorrow is giving your face wrinkles and that's when you start hating your character
[For every single]   Person all alone, every Gap in the system, all the People with a thought thinking Nobody will miss them, every   Lie ever told behind a Smile on the surface, and
I live through depression, He runs through my veins, He sneaks up on me, When I feel astrain,   He burdens my mother, And her mother too, We three share him,
She's not your regular girl shes  outgoing, fun,loving you might even say she's  popular and her beauty, well, gets every guy on their knees  her big plum red lips, that taste like strawberries 
Everyone has a suicide.
there are some things that can be said and some that cant.
I said I love you.
I no longer want to be in this relationship.I want to try new things and be free.
I am no longer depressed,But the thoughts are repressed.
The day started fine, soccer practice began I saw an old friend, while my teammates ran. He looked very lonely, his eyes a deep blue I wanted to stop or have him run too.
Lonesome was my companion it over clouded me through the fog of angst I didn't trust it it didn't trust me trap in a cocoon of self loathing I was in darkness
One day we were laughing and smiling The next I get a call  She's Gone Her life was too overwhelming Pushed her Over the Edge No one ever knew, she played it coy
I wake up. I dread the day. I shrug of pain. I pretend I'm not alone. I go home. Why I live I don't know.   I watch the news. The genie has left the bottle. A nanny goes away.
I shout into the cold, crisp night. My words echo in the emptiness that is my soul. “Why me?” Why do I have to be different? Why must my brain be “Imbalanced”?   I have everything I need.
If you decided to leave I'd have to live with a heart broken in two If you decided to leave I'd lie on your grave and only dream of you If you decided to leave
1.) Get as much money as you can, catch a cab, bus, train, plane, etc. and get the hell away 2.) Create a virtual world online and never leave your room 3.) screw an ugly guy in return for a hitchhike ride across the country
Angst with bone trembling Is how I woke up this morning. I don't recall when I fell asleep because of the smell. This hotel is cold; And quite frankly falling apart.
No one sees who I am inside No one can understand Depression is my darkside It seems to have the upper hand   I feel bombarded by the crowds of fans They only know what is on the surface
The Human Zebra, By: Mason Pickar   As I was looking in the mirror the other night
A majestic sky covers the entire world Beauty rains down into everyone from it Yet, I must have been left out of this storm No beauty can exist in my soul Nor this imperfect skin I live in
Within a wooded forest,
It's easy to let oneself fall Upon hearing that blue call It's hard to stand with it all All that sadness and your still tall Its easy to take that knife End all your strife
Can you hear it? The sound of them crying They want to be heard We all want to be heard
Don't drown in it, they said The complex idea of conformity The self indulgence of the waves Those that wash your being away with the rest of what evolves us into what we call the world.   
I have to let you go. I need to move on. I need to be happy,  And you just made that harder for me. I will never forget you. You once made me happy, And made me believe I was a princess.
When he was young he used to fight, 
The word scares me
You missed the day in biology when your teacher went over the composition of the human body. Maybe if you knew you were 93% stardust you wouldn't have sparked your supernova, 
I was once like you, strong and brave, until life came along and got in the way.
Heavy The weight impregnated the idea of perceiving the devastatingly beautiful ballast at eye level The ponderous mass remained drooped to my side unmoving as Arthur's Excalibur
suicide isn't weak
A world without it Many lose it Too much darkness It's hard to find it But it's stored in our dreams It's hope in times like these
This emptiness inside of me, I really can't explain  how everything I try to do slowly fades to grey.    Imagine yourself standing in the bottom of a pit no way out no way in.
The stars go out and the sounds of bees buzz melding together to a low drowning humm.
"Hey, how are you?" I say, "I'm fine." Totally fine. I'm always fine... It's truly a superficial question; no one wants the truth. They won't dig and burrow, they wont try to tunnel into my thoughts.
I am a Painter of Another Day Another sleepless night, Another day avoiding glances, Another day pretending to be happy, Anothr fake smile, And another day hiding the scars covering my skin.
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