One Life


She walks through the halls,

    A shadow alone                                The popular one

         Unnoticed, forgotten                                       Full of light with a smile

            The only way out is                                          Surrounded with friends

    To stop her own heart                                          So friendly and kind  

To slow down the breaths                                       Successfull in school   

  To end her own life                                          All is well in her life

Leaving the darkness                                         Except for insomnia

  The pain and trouble                                       Her parent's divorce

A life not worth living                                    A word about death

All gone in an instant                                 A fight with a friend

That drags on forever                          Just a bottle of pills

  The fear of rejection                       Or rope in her room

                           The pain of depression                    Her smile seems fake                         

    Gives way with finality            One day she is gone

        To blissful nothingness      Leaving nothing behind

If only someone had asked

Or helped her to cope

Had noticed the signs

And looked under the mask

Don't jump to conclusions

Thinking only the best

Learn the signs of depression

Before the next death.

The one who laughs loudest

May be hiding a cry

Sometimes the happiest

Are the saddest inside.


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