I'll Never Forget


The day started fine, soccer practice began

I saw an old friend, while my teammates ran.

He looked very lonely, his eyes a deep blue

I wanted to stop or have him run too.

Instead I kept running, my coach jogged behind

Little did I know, he'd shoot himself at 9.

The next morning at school when I first found out

People weren't sure what I was crying about.

Classmates snobbed and said it was a cowardly thing

By the time choir class began, I couldn't speak or sing.

I called up my mom, I left school by lunch

"He might be in the hospital" my mother said with a hunch.

Two weeks came and passed, my dear friend passed on,

But I know in my heart, he will never be gone.

Every day I miss him, and I still wonder why

He lost his care to live and would've rathered die.

I want to help others to not do what he'd done

For life without those you love is the opposite of fun.

"You're all worth living, don't end your life now"

Search for your purpose if you don't know how.

You may only have one chance, be who you want to be

And don't let anyone steal your rights for feeling happy.


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