Never good enough.

Can't measure up.

Lost and broken;

worthless, useless, weak,

needy, annoying, disposable,

empty, forgettable, second best.


Causes self-loathing,

having no purpose,

feeling needy, whiny,

socially impotent.


All that's wanted is someone to care... be there.

To save me, wake me up,

free me.

Or release me, forget me,

let me go, stop pretending to care.

None of it matters because in the end I mean nothing.

Nothing to anyone

I was an oops that shouldn't have even been born;

unwanted from the beginning despite not knowing it.

Wants and needs put aside for those of who really matter

I stand aside and stand down because I know it and am terrified of being abandoned once they realize it to.

But HOPE to find a safe harbor where I can breathe and see the beauty that optimists see..

Only have to get through the worst and from there it can only get better.

I feel this pressure that is bruising, crushing;

Yet am driven forward by the good that I want to be a part of me.


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