The Black Hole Lullaby


Everyone has hard times.

A black hole in their life.

Always there wanting you to jump in.

Your entire life you walk around it.

Somedays you want to jump in.

Not knowing where it leads.

You get farther and farther from the hole.

For some reason you can't get far enough.

Closer and closer you get as time goes by.

Walking circles around the hole, about to give up.

Done with life.

Giving up, you jump.

The hole won.

It was always there waiting for you.

Never once left you like everyone else.

Now it swallows you.

Hugs you in darkness.

Putting up walls s you no longer get hurt.

Falling forever, never to reach the bottom.

Slowly going to sleep to the sweet sound of the Black Hole Lullaby






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