In Loving Memory of Vincent Charles Sr.


United States
32° 15' 6.7428" N, 107° 45' 49.0356" W

A proud man who always worked hard

Never gave up and reached for the stars

Held out his arms when we'd fall

He helped us be strong to stand tall

Made us laugh through the years

Whether it was through the tears or cheers

The smile on his face is never forgotten

The light in his eyes could never be boughten

Would give us the world if he could

Knew he always tried so we understood

Loved us with all his heart

Said it constantly; we knew it from the start

A wonderful father and gracious friend

You'll always be in our hearts until the end

You are everything and so much more

You lived for exceptional things and

what you stood for

Even thtough the noble strife

Created so many happy moments

through his life

These memories will always last

Never forget the precious times of the past


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