This Is It...


You're falling.

You try to grab onto something, but everything escapes from your grasp.

You're bawling.

You don't know how to escape from this life of pain.

Darkness is all there is.

Nothing visible in your line of sight.

You know what's near; Death's Blissful Kiss.

You feel it engulfing your body.

Your heart bleeds.

The pain overpowers you.

You need to find a way for release.

To escape from the hurt you feel.

You have something in your hands,

A bottle of pills.

You try to stop, to take a stand,

But you continue to fall, the pain growing.

The bottle is now gone,

Pills in your hands.

Your pain continues to grow strong.

You can't take it no more.

You look at your palms.

The pills are gone; Now in your mouth,

You swallow and feel a eerie calm.

The pain vanishes slowly.

You cry tears of joy and close your eyes.

You're never going to see anyone ever again.

You're never going to able to say goodbye.

Sleep Tight, My Dearest Angel.


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