Because I Cannot Be Your Angel

Sun, 11/02/2014 - 08:23 -- 13KelHe

I wish that I could tell you,

About all my seasons of grey


I would tell you about the pain                                          

That never seems to end                                                    

I would tell you about the joy                                             

That I’d give anything to feel again                                               


You would hold me like you used to                                  

Stroke my wet hair and say:                                               

“It was just a dream my darling,                                        

Safe within my arms you can lie and stay.”                                  


For a moment I’ll believe you                                                         

Then I see in your eyes                                                       

That fear, that’d I’d inherited                                            

Everything you feel or can’t feel inside.                            


And though upon your warm shoulder                            

Sleep will take me at last                                                     

I know my words leave you colder                                    

With a sickness that refuses to pass                                  


More lonesome nights would come and go                                   

As we both lay awake                                                          

Tears as dry as bone run so slow                                       

Knowing what for us is always at stake                            


Tomorrow I will lie to you                                                   

A smile upon my face                                                                                                   

Like an angel I slept, it’s true                                              

I will never show you even a trace                                    


Of a single salt trail below                                                   

Eyes as blue as the sea                                                        

Though I’m not the angel you know                                  

I shall forever your guardian be.                                       




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