You know, he's got the presence of Gardenias in bloom

So I spoke to them today:

I asked for their names.

They certainly gifted me with lines of organized syllables and vowels

but not their names.

Rather, they fed me jumbles of personalities crammed into individual titles and stamped eachother on the forehead with

"I am who I portray."

And they were satisfied.


They seem giddy.

Playful;Like children.

Their interactions are things of grandeur.

Surely, their friendship is concrete.


I spoke to them a second time today.

"How well do you know eachother?"

and they replied

"Not at all."


And then I realized

they use eachother as distractions; keeping them from various realities that no one else will ever see.

They don't need to know eachother;

this was a replicated person of different wounds.

Essentially, they were all the same.

And they never questioned it

because it worked

and it allowed them to have fun.


So I spoke to him today.

And today, he feels safe from himself.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. 

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