Looking Back At Me


Who is this girl staring back at me

A girl who doesn’t like what she sees

She is without a perfect complexion

Which links to getting affection

There is imperfection standing before me

Something that is totally free

Free of what society deems perfect

I don’t see perfect the last time I checked

She is happy and confident

Which I obsess over as a constant

I see this girl staring back at me

That’s who I wish I could be


This girl in front of me

Is now who I hoped to me

I look and admire the simple beauty

No, I don’t mean to be snooty

What I see in me,

is what God intended for me to be

He painted my face

Filling in every last space

At last, a masterpiece

The artist is at piece

I look now and see that work of art

I take that beauty to heart


This is the real me

this beautiful woman I have come to see

I don’t need to worry about the light

to get my selfies “just right”

The masterpiece I see looking back at me

makes the artist sigh with glee

At last, she needs #NoFilter


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