You and Me (Poem for My Brother)


The things we once did were between you and me,

but I heard you left and I’m on one knee,

The memories that come and go as dreams are lovely,

and I wish I could have told you how life’s been a little silly,

I still remember how you and me would just flee,

and everything made us feel so free,

Every day we waited to hear the cries of a dead sea.


But oh how I wish I told you how much you truly mean,

and what it meant to have you around as a crazy teen,

I loved it when we used to play fight and you always kept it clean.

that helped me learned how to clear every blur I’ve seen,

Remembering that that crazy day we turned fourteen,

you and me, we ruled together and no one could get in between.


You and me, we promised we’d be there for one another,

you’re the only one who protected me like a real brother,

If there was trouble at home I’d go to you and your mother,

we always stayed close and with imagination went much further,

You always smiled and I couldn’t replace you with some other,

and you always joked with others claiming to be my lover,

I never really did mind cause you told them “I’d never hurt her,”

and I remember you holding me tight through the night of thunder.


You and me, we never really wasted any time of the day,

and I’d like to tell you how much I appreciate you as we lay,

Walking down the streets holding hands on a summer day of May,

but now I’m feeling like I won’t find my way,

Back and forth on our swing set I will forever sway,

I’ll never understand why but tonight I’ll just pray.


So here I am facing the fact that you’re really gone,

and I remember when we first met, to you I was quickly drawn,

That was the one day that I didn’t have to put my act on,

you and me, we promised to have love but forever ain’t long,

And we always learned life lessons from our cousin Big John,

you don’t have to worry for I’m now his number one swan.


Don’t trip, my dear brother, you’re the one who taught me all,

you and me, we said we wouldn’t but for you I had to bawl,

I remember the rap you made said “You fall, and with you I fall,”

you had looked me and then gave me that pretty rag doll,

That rag doll I held so tight as I made that late night phone call,

keeping you up all night and you ended up calling me your goof ball.


You and me, brother, you got me standing here trynna cry tonight,

you said I was your light but you’re now my star that shines bright,

Brother, you and me were the ones that made all the fun ignite,

and when the battles chose us we had all types of might,

This is what I’ve done for you even if there was much to re-write,

I know you tried and you’ve finally got me in the spotlight,

I’m standing here sharing my feelings even though I’m so uptight,

I’m sorry for missing the last goodbyes, I hope one day we can re-unite.

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My family
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