Romance to Razorblades

[For every single]


Person all alone, every

Gap in the system, all the

People with a thought thinking

Nobody will miss them, every


Lie ever told behind a

Smile on the surface, and

Every single person feeling

Worthless, drowning in the


Cold of the first winter,

Praying for spring to

Return, playing in the ashes,

Watching everything burn,


A little cut here, and a

Little cut there, praying

Nobody will see, and knowing

Nobody will care, so just


Hold your breath, for

Love and broken mirrors, and

Just hear me out, as I try to

Take away the fear, because


Nobody's forever, life

Continues on still, but I ain't

Trying to live forever, but

Leave a message that will:


Remember, that while

Memories will be forever

You will always find the sun

After all the gloomy weather 


And I promise, that

Everything will all get better,

Cuz even in in the storm,

It can never rain forever,





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