To Die or Not to Die?


Stomping on my heart he flew away

To someone who had torn his heart

Another victim of rape and losing hope of love

Broken relationships due to constant sexual abuse

I know there's no hope left 

To die for love?

Is it worth it?

To die or not to die?

Pondering with luntic ideas

I go insanely sane

"Wait a darn minute, who needs someone else to be loved?"

I'm in love with myself!

Who cares if I was screwed?!

No one does!

While they groped and inserted their perversions in me!

No one came while I was losing it!

Pity haha please ignore my misery!

This is my life, mine!

Still,I love the few beings that make it worth living

And the beauty in me,that was never taken

My answer?

Not to die







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