Suicidal Depression

She was a girl that wore a smile But only for a short while, She thought life was easy from what she heard But it was all lies Her life began to hurt and pain kept coming Like bullets from a gun, She was alone With no strength to hold on She felt misplaced and need to find her place She searched and searched and got no where All alone with no one She said she was done but you ignored the sighs So from then on she kept it on the inside She worried if she’d make it through asking God “What do I do?” Puzzled and confused she took action into her own hands Standing on the chair Tying the rope around her neck looking at the stars With tears rolling from her eyes the chair fell As she took her last breath and died Don’t ignore the sighs if your friend or someone you don’t know is always done or always alone go up to them and say hi be nice make sure if their ok. The only that might save them from self-harm and suicide could be a friend it could be you being nice to them if they have any of the sighs that is writing in this poem find help for them. Also every poem I put on here is copyrighted.


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