Words from Beyond


I was once like you,

strong and brave,

until life came along

and got in the way.

Pain and strife

built up to the brim,

and all I wanted

was for it to end.

So I gave in,

surrendered to hate,

gave it lease

to undo my reign.

Went to the barn,

hung up a rope,

no time for thinking,

no time to mope.

I can't say I regret

the things that I've done,

but I can say your life

has only begun.

Even when the pain

may overwhelm you,

just keep my memory;

I'll help you stand true.

Please don't follow

the path that I've laid,

cherish the sun

and learn from the rain.

Love while you can,

and even when you can't;

keep holding on

to those you love's hands.

Never break down

when the pain is too much,

Just think of me,

I'll keep you up.

Don't grieve for me,

I'll be just fine,

I hope and pray

you live a longer line.

It's too late for me;

I've given up fighting,

but it's not for you;

Please, keep on trying.



In Loving Memory

Danny Lewis




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