Why Are You This Way


United States
34° 4' 39.8496" N, 95° 26' 9.0708" W
United States
34° 4' 39.8496" N, 95° 26' 9.0708" W
Why are you this way?
Why do you wish to escape the hands that brought you to life
Do you wish to die my love?
Or have you already died....?
Are you waiting for someone to bury you away so you can finally escape the cage and pain that enraged and engaged the candle of your heart that once lit up for days?
But now kindles as you lose your soul
And give up the fight that you battle at night when your  eye lids wish to close
But you stay stricken in that broken pose? 
But what you dont know.....
Is that we wish for you to come alive
To revitalize those eyes
That will turn from purple to blue
To undo this hell forsaken glue
And I love you. So fight for me because I wish to see .....
That smile. That could push on me and could go for miles 
Not the beautiful lie you hide inside that icebox of hate you have for life
Pain hurts like a cut from a beautiful knife
But what happens when that beautiful knife takes away your beautiful life...and its over?


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