The stars go out and the sounds of bees buzz melding together to a low drowning humm.

Laughter and smile is sucked from the face and stolen from the throat.

Close your eyes what do you see?

Blue eyes like jewels found in a pirates cove or in a cave with a genie lamp.

Eyes that are clearer than our smog filled sky.

Where do you fly?

Have your wings sprouted from your back or do the heart filled cries keep you firmly on the ground.

Or do you still need Tink's fairy dust Peter?

Now are your jokes meant only for heaven or is this one?

Us mortals left with joy immortalized in silver and a plastic seal.



I wrote this the day... actually moments after I heard on the radio about Robin Williams death. I was shocked. He wasn't just my favorite actor or rolemodel. He was a man that my father and I shared and one more connection that seemed lost at the time.

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