Before you do anything.

Before you can even act.

Take a good look around you.

Cause there's several questions to ask.


Do you not see how imperfect you are?

Or rather how imperfect we all are?

You can't please the whole world.

So stop trying so damn hard.


Have you realized that it's okay to make mistakes?

You don't have to end it all

Stop giving yourself these heart aches.

You can't give up when you fall.


Do you know that it's okay to cry?

Why should you hide what you feel inside?

Take out all the bad and put in some good.

Or you'll stay in this place where you're misunderstood.


Your life is precious.

You have a reason to live!

From the moment of conception,

You had something to give.


So put down the blade, or the gun or the pills.

Untie that rope where you woulda hung still.

You are a person with a reason to be.

Take a deep breath and let your troubles free.





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