When I Disappeared

I have disappeared.


Disappearence is common.

Allies swallow people. 

Lakes surround a soul and rob them.


This is not a dissapearence I have been dealing with.


When the thoughts came back I lost my footing,

When the panic attacks came back, I lost my sight.

When my sight was gone I was gone.


Guilt pains me,

Death is my shadow. 


Lacking a soul,

My body walked away, leaving me behind.


When I was gone, 

Not a soul knew. 


When I disappeared,

I made a decision,

THE decision. 


My life wasn't important anymore.

I have my 13 reasons why.


For help finding crisis resources visit 13reasonswhy on the web

Or call a suicidal hotline. 

Reach out to a trusted adult, friend, or peer.

Don't Dissapear.

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