The Journey is Over


Dont judge me,  you don't know how I feel.

This pain in my heart, the stabbing,  it's real.

I have everything,  but yet I have nothing.

My soul,  its missing something.

You know I hurt,  I fill with sorrow.

I always pray, it will be different tomorrow.

Each day I laugh,  and show a smile

Crying and hurting inside, all the while.

The hurt, the pain, it is all so real.

To just feel normal I would kill.

Whats the cause of this pain and what can i do.

Thats just it...I wish I knew.

I'm mad, I'm angry, I hate.

Don't tell me, you can relate.

A pill for this, a pill that, try this, try that.

They look at me like I'm another stat.

The pain has taken over me.

Not the same person I once used to be.

It is time, time for me to go.

It has to be a better place is all I know.

I am sorry family, and sorry friends.

My life has come to an end.

May I find peace in the journey ahead.

Dont be said because I am dead.

Maybe now, that pain will fade.

If so, thats the best decision I have made.

The journey is over .....









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