Stay Strong "That Kid"

Stand Tall

Stay Strong

That’s what they say

But do they understand the natural urge

The natural inclination to hurt oneself

It’s not something we asked for

None of us thought we’d be “that” kid

The kid afraid of their own life

Of their ownself

Pain is real

The Pain is real




Distant, vague visions off in the seemingly bright horizon

But the ocean in between US and the HORIZON

Full of turbulent water and waves

Dyed red with blood

Reflecting every thought, image, word we’ve ever known

Reminding us of who each of us are

Or who we believe we are

Which is who we are by the power of belief




Incapable of anything



The kid left behind


None of us know how long this will last

Or if it shall ever end

Till then, this is who we are

No matter how many times we’re told:

Stand Tall

Stay Strong

We know we’re “that” kid

And who knows…



And guess what?

We’re not ashamed of our past or present

We’re proud to be “that” kid and all the other “that” kids

It’s who we are

And are we not TOLD to be who we are


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