Jesse and Trina

My love had a brother once

Lost as he was

Then one day he was no more

He tore himself from his life

Stole himself from his friends, his family

Though he may or may not have meant to do it

It cannot be changed once your gone your done

Its harder to live day by day

Than to steal your life away

I've seen how it hurt them and tried to take my love's pain away

And then my sister of age ten tried to cut herself

Some girl had told her about the way to do it right

To lose your life

I don't want to lose my sister

I can't see life without her close to my side

I know life can be hard but, we can survive

Just take it slow and think about the people who care

The ones who want to share the love and life you bring to them

Think about the ways to make life better than it is

There is always a way

Don't always listen to what other people say

Some may just be being mean and hateful

Jealous of who you are and who your with

Just be yourself and don't be scared

Life will be alright as long as your by my side


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