The Light Of Life


The darkness of trouble


The dark room

where you think the issue being your own character

Sorrow is giving your face wrinkles

and that's when you start hating your character

you no longer see anything pretty neither inside nor outside

you feel like you've been failed and a failure

completely abandoned

without enough faith to the world

no one praising her gifts

Material can't fill your heart

- well, you don't even use half of it

It's getting to depress so much

that you feel like using your left hand

for self-destruction

because you have had enough

of the darkness of life's trouble.


The light of solution


Forgive yourself and others


There's an urge to be a part of something important

to do something that makes sense

To learn about orthopedics

and take a break from social media

and unreliable Wikipedia

Clothes can't fill your soul

- it doesn't matter if you don't look trendy

because the true light lies in your heart

the burn of faith, hope and love

and the noble skill of giving.

Your reflection should match your heart

the longest essence of humanity.

Prayer showed me the truth

as from God I found new life

I learned to be grateful of small joys

and I started receiving so much in return

I learned to accept myself

until finding my soul mate, my love.


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