Life line


My face, a closed mask

My feelings, bottled in

A smile, plastered on my face

No one looks, behind the mask

No one sees, what I am in


I'm angry at the world

But I'm no longer a scared little girl

I like to see red

Blood, it reminds me, so much

Of the horrors of childhood I've faced

But this is related to me, no one else

For others have different reasons

Of being this way


When they ask "How are you?"

I say, "Fine."

People stop asking there

They don't push it

But if I didn't say "Fine."

Do they really want to hear?

The pain I'm in

So much so, I want to end it, all of it?


and so I try, one night, with an easier method I tell myself,

a drug overdose, so easy, just slip the needle up your vein, and you'll be gone

But i didn't know, my best friend was there,

watching over me, and took me to the hospital

I woke up there, they told me

I was only a few minutes from death

It should have knocked me cold, but it didn't

I wanted to die, i screamed it, but he held me down

gave me a quick hug, a long one then, and whispered in my ear

"Don't go, don't leave me alone"

he was my lifeline


now i travel the country

and see the depression in peoples faces

i see it because i experienced it

and i tell them, find a life line, your life line

because dying isn't a solution for a short term problem

it's a solution for a long term one.


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