Abuse took beauty

Sat, 09/27/2014 - 14:36 -- Marie23


She's not your regular girl

shes  outgoing, fun,loving

you might even say she's  popular

and her beauty, well, gets every guy on their knees 

her big plum red lips, that taste like strawberries 

her long dark hair that seem to always shine

her eyes that seem to glow with love

her smile, wow her smile

and oh golly gosh her body 

that body

what an hourglass

shes the most beautiful girl in this school 

every one loves her and wants to be her

Well at least we thought we wanted to be her

this beauty had  a secret

a secret she never shared

behind all that make up and smile is a beauty yearning for true friendship and love

when she gets home and having to deal with her drunk stepdad that can't keep his hands of her

A crackhead mother that can't take care of her self

this beauty had no one to talk to,to truly talk to

and when this beauty took her life

we all knew

abuse took beauty



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