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Wearing this crown of shit. Proud and shameless. I stand. I'm Standing tall. Here I stand.  You will not make me fall. I will not crumple. I will not hesitate. As you spectators speculate. In an attempt to emulate. To only perpetuate. Some it may
All the expectations and love for you Shattered and annihilated in a moment or two Building the castles in air, I was Pursuing you, was my biggest loss Deep in your self, I have lost mine
People say it's weird that I sit alone in a corner in a solitary silence But my voice speaks the only Answers my ears will hear You  who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive 
I pined for the top,  The utopic top of the hill, To stop the time, I said I will.   To save us, I knew I could But should I go when its so cold
  Smile smile stay  Smile smile go Smile in denial  Crooked teeth crooked cops  Crooked world crooked rocks  Chipped teeth broken teeth  Challenge accepted smiles unprotected 
Wiped away tears from the hurt that was shed Hide the mistakes that were made on wrists because they wanted to bleed beauty  As they were told they didn't make the cut  
Sai My Name ______________   As i lay in the dark only one thing seems to spark  My dreams , My legacy  What will it remain? 
Growing up seems so tough 
Once upon a time in a land too close for comfort was a woman who had lived her whole entire life trying to please EVERYONE. She placed all her energy into making her parents, brother, kids, husband and friends happy.
It’s 12:47 AM. You’re asleep, all tucked in bed  your head resting against the pillows of feathers plucked from white geese. 
I’m happy Even though my hair is nappy, I don’t put in all these exotic bundles, Of words you can’t even pronounce, So while you mumble on that Brazilian ensemble, I’ll remain humble, 
I Gave Up So Much For One BOY. I Lost Myself. I Gave My Heart, Mind, And Body To One BOY. I Lost Myself. 
Sometimes it's euphoric Drunk with pride and confidence On my high horse Looking staright ahead Other times a 180 turn occurs Hell on my mind It's dark, I'm timid
Sometimes it's euphoric Drunk with pride and confidence On my high horse Looking staright ahead Other times a 180 turn occurs Hell on my mind It's dark, I'm timid
We live in a world of fake. Wear the mask, play the part, and smile. Just to turn your back, roll your eyes,  and glare. Admist all the make up, lies, and buried truths, find it in you to be you.
When will you start to notice the way your love makes others feel and how in need YOU are of that YOURSELF  
Girl in the mirror Why do you frown? Do you not see Exactly what I see Smart Kind  Beautiful Self-doubt Anxiety Isolation Is this your daily norm? Who hurt you so? 
Dear Future Self,  
Dear Ex-best friend, While it has been months since we last spoke and an infinite amount left until we will speak again, it is time to get this off my chest.
you grew flowers in my lungs, and although they were pretty, I could hardly breathe.   you’ve built parts to me I didn’t know could be built but now that they’ve been torn down,
Too much to take, too much to give Too aware to die, too aware to live. Too white, too black, too inbetween. Too loud, too quiet, too asleep to dream. Too good, too bad, too broken to try.
Why do we fall for people that'll never look our way?Why do we fall for people that treat us like shit?Why do we accept the love we think we deserve?Why can't we have a little more self worth? Ely Dawn
Everyone says “Look for red flags”For the “Let me see your phone”For the “I told you not to talk to him”For the “I yell because I love you”
And I drank water not to quench my thirst, but to repel my hunger. And I writhed  when someone made me eat. And I couldn't mask the feeling that something was eating me
 I'v been cheated I'v been lied 
I know everything you wanted to hide. Your comments, your dirt, the way you always had to flirtYet you said I was enough, you told me to be tough. You said you loved me so much and that I had nothing to worryBut th
It was in her darkest corner that he found her light. She lost it so long ago from this broken system of society. Trampled, beaten and abused all she knew was pain. The beauty she once seen is since long gone more of just a faded memory.
Some days drug on Slower than a snail scraping across a plate of salt A symphony of nails on a chalkboard   Serenading my every move Reminding me   I quickly learned how to cleanse
Congratulations To the people Who can go throughout life without weight on their bodies Congratulations To the people who  became professional whisperers
They  said "I was beautiful enough "They looked at me blankly, and saw somewhat fit thighs, a somewhat of a put together face Hazel eyes that are presentable,  heart on a sleeve  
  She walks  with her head held high, Without fear of the future,  Letting the insults and rude comments, Brush off her shoulder like a child going down a slide.    She glides, She waltzes,
roachaphobia: simple, rhyming, frivolous: hatred wrapped in fear. my very first poem was written at eight or at least the first poem i clearly recall  i remember because my glory was fate
When I was 13, a boy told me this is how you kiss, that gifts show affection, and that this is love.    I started laying bricks down.  
Why give your soul to be controlled It's not your role to carry all the load As he sits on his ass and grows old masquerading his nonchalance So good your eyes thinks he's excellent
All I need is money,  I’m told everyday,  By teachers, parents, everyone,  Just what I need to pay,  To go to school, to get to eat, 
Self esteem fizzles, Popping bubbles like tiny glass, Shattering myself worth, The clock on the wall strikes one, Darkness makes the room gloomy everything turns grey, As I close my eyes stars,
Pain brings the saddest days or the happiest moments Pain of sacrifice is more bueatiful then a childs pain turned into a starlit lotus If you lose pain you lose focus
When I look in the mirror Everything becomes clearer  Knowing that my flaws couldn't be nearer I try my best to look past them But I am no gem Trying to compare myself to others
I knew that when the going gets tough most of the tough gets going you see they're robbin' us  leavin' us with broken promises  lying to U.S. open your eyes they're not trying to liven us  it's so unjust 
I think in rhyme, Music and cadence All tied up in song.
How much do I like thee? More than a feeling I've ever known.  
Twenty photos taken Ten are deleted Five are retaken Ten show the camera’s reflection on my glasses The other five look hideous: My baby cheeks seem to be bulging; My skin is flushed out;
I use to feel so disgusted by those hurtful words telling me that I wasn't pretty enough  slim enough 
I am flawless I am perfect  There is not one thing    wrong                                        strange                                        terrible
Here. Impress me. Take your appearance and character And put it under a stress sheet It's light enough to ignore But it keeps away the best heat It puts up an impenetrable wall
If it isn’t my skin, then what shall it be? The two arms and legs that extend directly from me? That enable me to run past the wind, and jump the hurdles in front of me.
To clear all the expectations. All the allegations. All the  sensation from a human is to take them... Apart  And stitch them into a shell of their former selves  Like shiny new trophies in a glass case in hell
Her hair is a mess, her eyes are swollen
You don't even know who you fucking are, let alone what you're fucking worth,
  I am Invisible, Determined I wonder when I will be heard I hear a faint whisper I see a hand held out
I am the future I am a leader I can contribute to changing the world It starts with me, with you and I together 
My skin. The skin you want to mark. Why should I let you?
She came to me Eyes filled with tear and she began to confine to me, She said "I fell in love with him because i thought he was best for me, looking at the entire world in an illusion 
No, I did not just wake up like this, I was created and I was born like this.  I'm perfectly imperfect. Not caring what the others do, Its up to me, all that I do,
You are so perfect... Why didn't God make me that way?
Every time I conjur up the smallest amount of courage and tell myself, " yes, i think i can. I can do this", something in me crushes it. It smothers that little spark of confidence and hope. Why am i so afraid?
I guess I never really thoug
Start the day working. Whether it is on a car Or on a drawing. I work untill it is done.
I am not comfortable with who I am,
No one else Under its scrutiny Its light Because you are under it All of your faults on display Just out there Exposed And for EVERYONE to see But you must show them
I am more than the puppet in the photo. I am more than the papers I write. I am more than the family I've been given. I am more than the sheep, being suffocated by the flock.
The pres
Wake up feeling FLAWLESS.  Fierce, Living day by day with no fear.
Beatuiful girl, who sits up high in the sky. Your more than your beatuiful cures and thighs. Beatuiful girl, who sits up high in the sky. Your blemishes and imperfections are your perfections.
The wind carries my soul away from this society that is oh so cruel , and I am greeted by the birds in the sky
I Dont Do That!
From the distance you are at, You see my muscle and my fat, But if you look into my eyes,  You will find a great surprise!   Ask me of the books I read,
Words from my mother Combing through knotted curly hair One ear, Out the other Phrases too hard to bear   Hardest part of the day To me, this is so clear Children go out and play
I look up and see the stars above
I chose to be in this world of dark and light. I put on a mask for the bee, for a future that is bright   This is no natural beauty. It takes work. It is my personal duty
My intellectual capabilities dig beyond what you see, Ass & titties aren't so unique, You can't grab my ass like you can grasp my mind, Look down my shirt, you won't find divinity,
Have it all from my head to my feet no matter how tall reach up and take me I am yours you are mine the God who changed water to wine even in a blink of an eye
I am Bill Gates At least I wish to beileve that's true A high school drop out with fantasies that explains If he can do it I can do it too
She never thought the day would come; When pen, paper, and she, were one,  but what was a young foreign girl to do ? When no one could hear her silent cries. All she had was her notebook, who promised to hear.
There is a mess, a clutter, a crowd that she found, A thing that we run from that follows her  around. A climax, a friction, a trick that she believed- A gift that she thought that she had received.
You look people in their eyes and can easily see into the depths of their soul, but never have you been able to shake hands with Your own
I wish the education system was designed to teach me realistic life lessons
Down the ground lookin' so low All i want to know will I go high, so high that I cant touch the ground? Stuck in this cage with ties that i cant abound I want to be more than this with my uniquness
I wanted to write a poem.
One day I hope they'll see this is just a sad part of me their hearts I do not mean to break I do it for my own souls sake I want to smile and often do except for when I think of you
You are the flowers
For such a long time, I wished I would feel,
Aim to become all that you hope to be, all that you dream to be, all that you will be
I'm trying so hard to be confident But in a world full of false hope and lies Its a struggle, is it not clearly evident. The fact that world has become so fake and so plastic
They're selling "dreams" for the price of your soul. Wrapped in pretty green paper,
When I cry it's in vain When lightning strikes the tame
I'm losing my mind it's three in the morning and my mind is starting to unwind, I'm going on auto drive and everything is so intensified,
Electricity and power and thoughts inside Music, and wonder and time It’s just a glimpse inside my mind   Worry and hope and tears I’ll cry Happiness and running and learning to fly
Who am I?  Am I the person you see right in front of you?  Am I the person you hear people talking about?  Am I the person crying out for attention?  Am I the person who needs your approval on who I am? 
You asked me how I knew I loved you, The words could barely leave my mouth. I tried to write it, I couldn’t. There was no ink, I could not do that to you, You deserve to know the reason,
You asked me how I knew I loved you, The words could barely leave my mouth. I tried to write it, I couldn’t. There was no ink, I could not do that to you, You deserve to know the reason,
Today women have a voice, a place, And we are recognized for not only our beauty, but our intellect. Our contributions to society. But when we walk down the streets, 
If I were to change something big or small Would it be my height? Sometimes I were I were small But this would only please myself temporarily No, have confidence. I AM TALL  
welcome to the issuewhere emotions are lost in the words we’ve foundbut i’m here to change thatactivate switch to operate: freedom is choicehow to do everything right: forgive yourself
Look around Stay open minded Reach for your dreams No dream is too abstract
I stand here before you with a smile on my face trying to determine my place in this race for success.
Some rose early , while others worked late into the night But at the end of our day, whatever time that may be We each must put our thoughts to bed,   The head may lie on soft down, 
It's a feeling of suffocation weighing down on your chest inability to breath inability to ration tears continue flowing "You're not good enough." "You will never make it."
I believe that once I was a beautiful being A being meant to live amongst the stars Worshipping one God and helping nature also praise Him I once believed I could've moved mountains,
I write to encourage I write to be free I write to make love To the words that I see   Inside my head
Lying here on the bed sorting through offers from the world, I imagine what life will be in the future.
How to share your soul, How to share what you know,
The sun is shining so far above
They told her she could sing She didn’t really hear it She figured she could carry a tune But she didn’t feel special They told her she was smart She didn’t really think so
The thing that keeps me safe, The face that keeps me sound, It is because of those things, I have not dug myself a hole in the ground,
Breathing in that familiar smell of sweet co
As she paints on minerals, some call beauty the reflection transforms flaws erase as beauty is painted on the tinted liquid that fills your jar isn't beauty the smile you give when that chuckle is released
English, Physics, French, History, Algebra, Spanish, Calculus, and Chemistry. Do they not realize our suffering, our pain? Why can't we be taught skills beneficial to retain?
Track records are damning, They slip into the folds of your skin like bar codes of your past.So that the technology of our future generations may simply blink to download them. Tracks records are the tattoos of prostitution to a prior cause.
You used to read me like a book, unbeknownst to the strength it took to make it look like I was ok.I let love in but what good is being a lovey sap? You treated me like dirt and told me I wasn't worth crap.
Am I more than just a breath escaping from a pair of lungs? More than just a beat drumming in a chest? More than just the lakes residing in my veins? Yes, I am more. I am love and sweat
Lines in perfect symmetry,Depicting the image I tell you is me.A sweet, warm smile and hopefilled eyes,You'd never guess that this masterpiece liesThe passionate strokes and the colors I used - 
My heritage and my background, The color of my skin or the color of yours the length of my hair or the length of my nails, My hieght or my size only have as much power as i give them
Words rising and falling like mountains and valleys.Letters form Heroes with passion and calling.Seas of ideas, all structured in stanzas.
Escape Because a cruel world needs a safe place Dream Because sometimes a piece of paper and a pen can create a new reality Emotion Because tears come to often and tissue runs out Love
it was fate that brought me to this spot, looking down the dirt road where my heart was caught by the swirling winds of your love. the memories play like a movie in slow motion. reversing time and going back to that day.
Little girls growing up. Limited in their visions. Little boys growing up. Limited in their prosperity.  Who are we? We the people. We are supposed to be free. Who are we? We the people. We are meant for simplicity.
I. First-light   Eyes fly open and I light up a cigarette. Check to see…yep, still there.  I slowly unfurl My cramped wings, the slow rustle of feathers
Hello to girl world Boys are their big prize Pink car to my surprise Music cranked Phone in reach Happy to be alive   "Happy Girls are pretty girls" Hello Cliche Phone calls from
For fear of showing who I really am. I speak but I’m just a sham. Colored green with the thought, that being me is all that I have. So, I smile and spill words of falsity. Appearing happy and fun, but
There was once a world where we wallowed we'd fallen into a dark, cold hole when we wake, all around us are children like us Hand in hand they walk towards a tumbling city
Orange light passes slowly on; as a slow brook passes an even slower traveler on his melancholy way through life.
Walking past me, There he is with some of his friends  we make eye contact then he looks forward pretending I don't exist we have to keep it between us he says ill say hi to you at school he says 
Man knows not their harm, Just how deep the pain goes, The killing of a brother, The abuse of a sister. They lose the trust, But never the love, No matter how much, It is wished to be forgotten.
Young girl There’s something you need to know Sit down, listen, take a break I’m going to be real with you, not fake Media tells you who are what to wear how to dress
(poems go here) See they messed up the truth its more like "make up" take "cover girl"  so you can face the fact they dont want more  women like esther or ruth
Little girl six years old Watching her father walk away Little girl so sad and alone Looking for a way to understand
I needed it. Release. You know, let go. Be gone. Release. Where was this magnanimous means that would submerge my problems Flush out my feelings Bequeath my body with boldness
As things get rough I find her head hangs low Eyes bellowed beneath the clouds his hands on her chest as a chain on his ankles holds him tight Her body is in a state of mind that nobody can feel
Fragile yet beautiful Bruised yet perfect Small yet noticed One of a kind Amongst a field of a thousand So unique, noticed from a mile away So special, It can't be forgotten
i feel sick. sick from the hurt from the pain from the hate i want to feel, but cannot. sick from the hole in my heart from the helplessness from the power you have over me
Another glance into the mirror Another day, another year A coarse example of the person Who is hiding under there
Just as I thought it was save to rest my eyes. The pain of the ignorance you exhibit is blissful, yet it haunts me through the night.
I’m an angel within but I fear my wings Those graceful, feathered, astonishing things I hide them away so that I can deny This beautiful girl, whom I transformed into a lie Searching in mirrors trying to figure it out
Remember when you were young and everything was…perfect? Ugh. The word stings both tongues and ears. Perfect…ha. There’s no such thing as “perfect.” It’s an idea, infectious and taunting.
Girls today are rewinding back to the Leave It to Beaver days with June at the helm of their dilapidated ship filled with: aprons, house coats, cake mix, feather dusters, and beige pumps.
Death is a woman when she is killed emotionaly. Death is a woman when her heart is broken. Death is a woman when she is abused by the man. Death is a woman when she is afraid of her own mind.
(A wise man once said Words in no particular song "To conquer others is to have strength To conquer yourself is to be strong" In lucid dreams at night When I'm thinking of my dreams
“Your fault,.” he would say. “You’re right.” Regret filled me. “Try harder,” he spat in my face. “I will.” Shame rose up. “You need me,” he simply stated. “Please don’t go.” Panic overwhelmed me.
For what it's worth, I know my worth, I know I'm beautiful-- Not just on the outside, but everywhere else past the naked eye. For what it's worth, I"m confident and I love my complex life.
I can't decipher if it was love that caused me to be attracted to him Was it his cologne or after shave Was it his thug like mentality an his gentlemen facade That caused me to be smitten by danger
Every day she stares into her bathroom mirror for hours, questioning who it really is that is staring back.
To move on is to grow; We must take this as fact. To see is to know; We mustn't think only after we act. Can we change the way we’re living before it consumes and devours all that contains meaning within us?
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