Confidence in the homes of the heartless

They  said "I was beautiful enough "
They looked at me blankly, and saw somewhat fit thighs, a somewhat of a put together face
Hazel eyes that are presentable,  heart on a sleeve  and said I was beautiful enough
They lied.. enough wasn't enough    
I attempted conversation , I spoke loud and clear, they never heard
You see they loved to stare
And stare, And stare And I was petrified
they all asked what's a voice without a perfect body
I screamed it's still a voice!
And bodies are so imperfectly perfect
Yet their ignorance rose, Yet their expectations only rose  then they saw me
They stared through my substance ,Pushed away the soul
Threw my heart out onto the carpet ,Blood stained carpet ,Stomped on it
I basically painted their carpet

They put my blood on their walls, Or at least attempted to
Attempted make me decor for their temporary home ,Meaning  they could spend enough time with me

Be seen with me enough,But not enough to claim me permanently
Not enough to hold conversation past five minutes
Not enough to  SEE my real heart the one that cannot be actually seen
Not enough for me to feel even an ounce of dignity
They told me  I could be furniture Decor, Paint in their temporary home
I could be the blanket of feeling like home temporarily
Until obliteration , Until Leaving was the final  decision
I was beautiful enough to be a moment ,I was beautiful enough to bring my heart out for them
And deserve nothing in return
They claimed I had a place to stay finally
Meaning I had his arms finally ,Meaning I had her friendship finally
But what was friendship,But what was his empty hollow arms without a heart
They wanted me to be the decor ,The cover without a tongue
Passion personality a real heart
But guess what ?!
I never let them, I never let them put me on a stand
I never let them obliterate me, I never let them use my actual blood
My passion ,My actual being
I might have given my heart,But that only taught Me that no one can actually take it away
It's not the body part that only makes me who I am
My substance is my beauty
Not just the skin that surrounds

my heart, my Intelligence and my compassion


This poem is about: 
Our world


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