for you or someone you know


welcome to the issue
where emotions are lost in the words we’ve found
but i’m here to change that
activate switch to operate: freedom is choice
how to do everything right: forgive yourself
they will never let go: challenge the shape
welcome to the issue
where sometimes we look too hard
and listen too little
but see nothing
and hear everything
where our beauty is blurred but our flaws aren’t
and the picture is black and white to hide the shame
but how do you put sound in black and white?
welcome to the issue.



i'd just like to say to anyone (if anyone) who reads this; i did a found poetry exercise for this in which i went through a bunch of magazines and (for the most part) took out words and phrases in stories under models or captions surrounding them to piece this together, which is why it may seem choppy. thanks!

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