I wish the education system was designed to teach me realistic life lessons

Like how to tell when someone is lying to you
Or how to cure a hangover when the night before got the best of you 
I wish they’d teach you how to fully gain your parents trust
How to hold down your anger, how to not make a fuss 
I wish I was taught early how to keep a friendship going strong
Before insecurities and misspoken words turned it out all wrong
How to differentiate between reality and dreams 
How to keep a promise or how to sew a friends’ broken seams
I wish they taught us how to tell time without a clock
How to fully embrace a loved or one how to fish off a dock
I wish they told you how many minutes to wait for soup to cool so you don’t burn your tongue 
I wish they told me that weed hits still burn your lungs 
I wish nature was emphasized earlier to me
how the sun the earth and the stars align in the galaxy 
I wish they told you signs leading to a broken heart 
or how to not only be book but street smart 
I wish I learned how to rearrange my thoughts
so they wouldn’t be a jumbled mess which I have to connect the dots.

Most importantly I wish they taught me how to be a good human. I have two sets of many parts but sometimes my eyes aren’t seeing
The beauty that is life the marvel that is this world 
I am still learning
I am still hoping 
I am still being


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