Self Destructive Magnificence


You look people in their eyes and can easily see into the depths of their soul, but never have you been able to shake hands with Your own

You breakdown your self worth and shove the pieces within the crevasses of the earth

Until not even your minds eye can calculate Your worths birth



My Darling, where will the madness end?


Why cant You see what You represent?


All the greatness You harbor within


Your radiance is indeed magnificent, but it will vanish in due time if u fail to appreciate its presence


Do not You remember the time when you thought Yourself to be princess ordained by God to be Queen?


Or when You heard Your name called by many because You were meant to be seen?


My darling, never forget that you are worth it.


You have purpose

You are not worthless

You are purpose


Do not destroy yourself with imaginary ignorance

for I know you know who you truly are


Never shy away from the glory that is You

Always stay true and be proud my Darling, to be magnificent You





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