One Day I Will See Me

I'm trying so hard to be confident

But in a world full of false hope and lies

Its a struggle, is it not clearly evident.

The fact that world has become so fake and so plastic

We have to have a movement to love our natural selves

I believe to be down right out rageous!

I look in the mirror and I don't see myself,

I see a women who can be nipped, tucked, and plucked.

I go out in public and with one stare

I immediatly think that they know and they see

That I am overweight and far from prefect.

And that just shuts down any confidence I had

What's that thing trending, called a thigh gap

Well let's say my thighs aren't down with that

My stomach loves cake and my hips show it too

I know about portions and moderation control

But I am still knocked in society because I'm not a size 2

I hope this natural movement thing becomes a full on succes.

I want to look in the mirror and just see my self

With no changes needed


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