Teach me to be the light


English, Physics, French, History,

Algebra, Spanish, Calculus, and Chemistry.

Do they not realize our suffering, our pain?

Why can't we be taught skills beneficial to retain?

"I promise you will use this," the greatest lie ever told,

They say lying is a sin, and that statement seems quite bold.

Parabolas, Magellan, Zeugma, Conjugation,

Matrices, Hyperbole, and you call this an education?

Teach me to give, teach me to lead,

Teach me to help others when they are in need.

Teach me to trust, teach me to love.

I want to see my charity toward others, or lack thereof.

I don't wish to know the cirumference of the famous Round Table,

I wish to do service to those who don't find themselves able.

Teach us to be the lights in the darkest of places,

Teach us to give the most genuine embraces.

Teach us not to judge books by their covers,

Teach us to be the kindest of lovers.

Teach us to recognize our own self-worth,

Teach us that our confidence is something only we can unearth.

Teach us to look in the mirror and see our face,

To see a soul we would never want to replace.

All I ask, my simple prayer,

Is that in a world of disdain and despair,

You teach us to find the light in our reflection,

and teach us to love all of our imperfections.







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