Tue, 03/05/2019 - 18:33 -- Milay

I’m happy

Even though my hair is nappy,

I don’t put in all these exotic bundles,

Of words you can’t even pronounce,

So while you mumble on that Brazilian ensemble,

I’ll remain humble, 

Embracing my natural roots and melanin,

Trying so hard to look like those straight hair girls,

You don’t see the melanin them white folks want lenin,

Staying out in the sun all day and only get as dark as midday

Astounding how some of them are so proud of our brown skin,

Meanwhile you giving it all away,

Characterising your beauty by the white man’s way

Turning your curls to straw,

Like you and the white man make a draw

Cause you giving it away,

And he happy to take more,

Explore your natural beauty,

Embrace your untamed curls

That loops around the worlds

Those bundles are boring they go on straight line,

Why not see what’s around the corner

Don’t up give up your birth right,

The future is far too bright,

Embrace your race,

For it was a hard ride for our ancestors,

To grant us such pride

It was too hard of a fight

To remove this plight

That erasing your skin with bleach is right

Mad that the white man is stealing our culture

Meanwhile you opened it up to the vultures.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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