it was fate that brought me to this spot,

looking down the dirt road where my heart was caught by the swirling winds of your love.

the memories play like a movie in slow motion.

reversing time and going back to that day.

i see you for the first time standing there,

as i felt my heart do that cheesy jump all i could do was stare.

i knew as you sauntered towards me that it was fate.

the first time we talked it felt like the millionth.

you were my soulmate.

as time went on the bond between us became strong.

this is where the memories get hazy,

as though it were a puzzle that had pieces missing.

all of the sudden i wasn't enough,

and you filled that void you felt with other stuff,

other woman stuff.

and as the truth tumbled out of your perfect mouth,

all i could think about was fate.

you see: fate made us, and fate broke us.

and yet, i don't regret being with you.

you gave me self worth,

which i hold to be true.

today i walk down the road to remember: leave it to fate.


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