Lovely music has played through these halls

Long before I was born

They used to sing and laugh and have fun

But now you hear nothing

Nothing at all

Only gossip and negative words

They are no longer young girl who crave adventure

But now girls who crave attention

Shady girls who roam the halls

But why do you think this happened?

There is many answers to this question

But it all depends on the girl

Where would you find these girls you may ask?

Well they are also the victims of low self esteem and loneliness

They are in the bathroom waiting in line

In line for the mirror

The mirror in the bathroom

The most cruel of all

The mirror deprives you of all your glory and your virtue

Instead, it fills you with the desire to drown yourself

in a pool of despair

Longing for a goal

that cannot be reached

but remember

You are not alone


By: Tiare Rivera



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