All My Worth


My skin.

The skin you want to mark. Why should I let you?

My skin, so untouched.

You breathe and you touch, but between us no love.

My love, so sacred, so rare, and so much.

At my age I am laughed upon, but in secret I am more mature than my audience. I know my worth and I know my love.

Legal you are, so grown you be... but what about that love you seek?

You search in that club down the street, search for love in the strangers you meet... what about that married man that won't see you during the week?

At my age I know my worth.

You cannot lock up my treasures and expect I give you gold.

You cannot lower my value and try to sell me off as silver.

You cannot treat me like dirt when I am a diamond. 

You cannot think of me as meat when I am priceless.

You want your fingers to touch my skin? Ha.

How dare you? Benifits and just friends?

I know my worth, my love, so sacred so rare. 

My flesh, in my eyes, blemish free... but your homeboys? Find everything wrong with me. 

While they laugh and they joke, giving you a hard time.

Just know that I know my worth, and that I'm just fine.



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