Flawlessly Flawed


When I was in the third grade, I thought that I was beautiful.

Those grass-stained jeans symbolized my love for my youthful

Soul, my lack of style and crooked teeth were just as suitable and

My slanted eyes were wide with pride just to be an individual.

Then, puberty hit and my flower bloomed red and

Suddenly, my friends wore heels instead of the

Worn-out sneakers we wore everyday.

I was the only one who never threw them away.

But did I conform to society in any way? Of course

I did, but in a different aspect.

I wanted to be beautiful, but not like an actress.

More like a character, not like a princess

Who needs a man’s love for rescue, but fearless.

I need Mulan.


I worshipped her as a child, and the feeling’s still strong.

She saved China and sang some classic songs.

All at once. Is she not amazing or am I wrong?

Plus, she’s Asian. Racial representation

Is important when the media has an Asian filtration system.

The beautiful main characters are always melanin deficient

While the chinks are stuck playing minor roles with two lines in Mandarin.

Seeing a heroine that looked somewhat like my twin

Kick some hunny buns on screen flipped a switch

Inside my growing mind.

I wanted my reflection to show who I am inside.


When I go to the movies, I don’t see my kind.

I only see my race as a one-dimensional stereotype.

But now, I know that beauty is my own right.

I don’t need a casting director to tell me that white is right

Because the color of your skin doesn’t have anything to do with beauty,

It’s the acceptance of all your flaws. That’s our duty.

To become flawless like Beyonce, the Queen B

We don’t need her face, just her attitude, you feel me?

Because I demand to have the same strength as Mulan and Yonce,

I demand to be myself in the most accepting way.

I demand that we become flawless by accepting what we hate

And love about ourselves. Carpe diem, seize the day.


When I was in the third grade, I thought that I was beautiful.

Now I’m graduating high school and still, I am truthful.

Made of confidence and humility, I believe beauty is indisputable

Not because of a pretty face, but a provable

Beautiful soul. So,

Wear your heels, wear your sneakers, wear mascara or don’t.

Buy Vogue, buy comics, buy Barbies or superheroes.

But love your skin, love your eyes, your teeth, your nose.

Love everything you are, the only forever you can hold.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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