Realizing Your Worth

Sat, 05/25/2019 - 13:11 -- Jarden

Growing up seems so tough 

from bumps, to scratches, to broken bones  

and then broken hearts. 

You see, I'm a lover not a fighter 

so I've felt more heart aches than bone breaks 

in my 20 years. 

You might say a heartache is better than a broken leg 

but I beg to differ. 

Going through so much loss and pain,  

mentally destroys you physically.  

For a while I was in denial  

making myself weaker, and weaker. 

You see I'm only telling you this because 

although it was one of the hardest things 

I've had to deal with it's also one of the things 

that made me grow the most. 

I realized my self worth 

that I didn't deserve this abuse. 

I needed need to be passive  

and continue to let you break my heart.  

I could learn to love MYSELF 

and GROW into the person I always wanted to be 

To BE the person I needed when no one was around. 

As soon as I let go of all those years of toxicity 

I could sleep through the night knowing  

my future held nothing but beautiful possibilities. 

No matter how dark it seems, 

push yourself to find your worth.  

The end result is far more astonishing 

than you'd ever believe. 


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