To the people

Who can go throughout life without weight on their bodies


To the people who  became professional whisperers

Many of you will whisper about silent people sitting in the corners

About the people who walk with their eyes glued to the ground

You will say “she’s just a loner”

“He’s just weird”

“She wants pity”

“He is probably gay and can't come out yet”

These vile whispers

Will reach their ears

Because they can hear

They can hear

But it will poison them slowly

You tend to alienate them

Now they become green slimy monsters

Not human beings

Yet there is no space ship around

He don't want space

You see he wants to to go to europe someday

He wants to fly for the first time

On earth

And she just wants to go somewhere warm

Because her mind is so cold

But you will never see this

You will see the slime


Their skins green

You will see the way she bites all of her nails off

Like corn

Not her shakes

As she walks past her rapist letting students into his classroom

Nor the boy

Swallowing pills

The way lorelai gilmore swallows her coffee

not the boy eating lunch in the darkest part of the cafeteria

The closet

But you will whisper

“They don't want help’

“They need to get over it’

And congratulations for giving a coward's word

Because that girl told somebody

They don’t believe her

Called the losing of her innocence a bold faced lie

Now she feels plastic



Her body heavier than the earth

But besides that

You don't even take her seriously

Because you look at her skin

And she is darker than all of the other kids

Her ancestors

Slaves in the south

She is reminded of them

When an adult made a slave out of her

And you whispering

Ignoring her

Treating her like the empty bottle you forgot to recycle

Will make a slave of her again

Congratulations for ignorance

The boy sitting

You will say

He’s just a stuck up rich white boy

And it's confusing for him

Because he has a good life

Parents who love him more than life itself

He is well off

Clean clothes

Full stomach

But his heart is empty

School is easy

Loving himself isn't

He is sad

The kind of sad

No one can explain

Everyone just pushes it aside

Tells him to quit the drama

Be a man

His parents ask and ask

And he claims to be exhausted

And that's the truth

Excepts he’s exhausted from life

Exhausted from breathing without being able to exhale

But yet he fights

So congratulations

To the people

Who stand weightless

Cowards at its best

Congratulations to those who ignore

To those who forget to help

Actually refuse to help


To those who see struggle

But still just whisper

Poison the people

Make them from outerspace


To those who see

The girls cuts

The boys stash

The girl's knees on the bathroom floor as she spits her food out

The boy's arm outlines with a hand print

That's redder than blood

Congratulations to those who call them


Pity kids

And other names

I can never actually mention

Congratulations for being a coward

But the real


Goes to the kids sitting in the corner

Goes to the kids who are heavy

Because after all of this time

You never let life weigh you down in the dirt of the earth

Never let whispers kill you

Because you automatically had the antidote


To all of the silent-screaming people I promise the world hears you


This poem is about: 
Our world


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