Young Girl


Young girl

There’s something you need to know

Sit down, listen, take a break

I’m going to be real with you, not fake

Media tells you who are what to wear how to dress

They address the world as if the know what’s best

They put your weight, popularity, your personality to the test.

What, you’re not perfect? Get in line with the rest.

Open the magazines to be engulfed in fashion modeled by girls that are barely pre-teens

Girls that are taught the life’s only good to them if they look and act hot.

You time money and energy has gone to waste, they’ve placed images everywhere to make you feel like you’re a disgrace

With such deception the devil knows how to get your attention

Whispering lies that convince the sweetest souls that what they have and who they are is never enough.

But you’re caught up, with the need of make up, can't you tell it’s you in that reflection?

Where’s the satisfaction when you can’t keep up with always trying to be the main attraction.

Get your mind straight, stop listening to those little lies telling you you’ll never be the right size.

I tell you that there’s a book not of fairy tales but of a true love made whole through nails

 It speaks of truths and triumphs. Of love you thought you could only dream of.

I’m telling you of the book about God

He made you for purpose of perfection, so detailed he knows the number of hair on your head,

He wiped the tears from your eyes every time you listened to those lies

You see yourself as ugly, he created you as something that can only be described as beauty.

You feel unloved, He gave you all his love, by sacrificing his one and only son

You’ve been betrayed by loved ones; Every day he fights for those who betray him and still finds room to love.

Face the girl in the mirror, and embrace her

He has made you beautiful, believe that to be true.


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