The World Will Dance Again


Little girls growing up. Limited in their visions.

Little boys growing up. Limited in their prosperity. 

Who are we? We the people. We are supposed to be free.

Who are we? We the people. We are meant for simplicity.

Can't think for ourselves.

Can't love for ourselves.

Can't be ourselves. 

The millionaires can't find satisfaction. 

What's enough anymore?

The models can't find perfection

What's enough anymore?

I share my words for a revolution. 

I share my words for the realization. 

I declare that the standards are all in our heads. 

The media keeps us seperated. 

The lies keep us in fear. 

Do you know your neighbor? 

Do you know their name?

Can you imagine the change that can be made?

I write to unite us. I write to push us out of the dark.

Little children are growing up and they don't dance anymore.




We are defeated just the same.

You can make the change. 

The difference is in reach. 

The power was within us all along. 

Divided we fall. 

United we stand. 

If this is true, lay off the news and grab a friend. 

With every ounce of empathy, I tell you we will dance again. 


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