Typical Girl


Hello to girl world

Boys are their big prize

Pink car to my surprise

Music cranked

Phone in reach

Happy to be alive


"Happy Girls are pretty girls"

Hello Cliche

Phone calls from

Boys that make us feel special

Music on replay by 



Pink Victoria Secret

Happy day equals shopping

Music by Taylor Swift

Hello to her long list of

Boys who didn't work

Phone - beep beep


Phone cover coated with

Pink sparkles

Boys don't understand how

Happy we get when on pinterest

Hello pins!

Music in the background


Music syncing

Phone ringing

Hello good looking

Pink shimmering

Happy to be smiling

Boys are intriguing


Boys are misleading

Music playing "If I Were A Boy"

Happy? No, disappointed

Phone on silent - upside down

Pink heart blackened

Hello single life


Boys will be boys, Phone calls of sorry

Music blaring "So What" by, P!nk

Happy once again, Hello new guy!


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