Becoming Real

We live in a world of fake.

Wear the mask, play the part,

and smile.

Just to turn your back, roll your eyes, 

and glare.

Admist all the make up, lies, and buried truths,

find it in you to be you.

Remove the pounds of junk

Placed over that locked box

Behind that baracaded wall

and release the "who" you tried 

so hard to lose.

In a world full of robots, defy.

Defy society of their "perfect" ways.

Defy the mocking smiles of judging masks.

Defy the incencere laughs of sheltered men.

Defy and become who you were always meant to be,

who you always were.

Become yourself.

Show this world the full amount of your awesomeness.

Show them how unafraid you are to be you-

crazy, dorky, awkward, happy you.

Because it all starts with you.

Decide to uncover.

Decide to defy.

Decide to become.

And the rest will follow,

Until this world is full of real. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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