C.R.E.A.M. Dreams


They're selling "dreams" for the price of your soul.

Wrapped in pretty green paper,

laced with a big red bow.

Too many fail to realize that this gift disguised

in glitz and gold,

knows of no control.

Seeds of lies are sewed and fertilized

when claiming this prize,

blindly following a leader with eyes closed.

Constant images fill our heads, and whispers fill our ears,

with promises that money is all that we need

to live the life we feel is owed.

But these "dreams" for sale,

will never set you free,

or give you wings to soar and grow.

The lure of these faces, is covered in deceitful hope,

that you'll find joy in living 

with a spirit that is broke.

That you'll abandon all faith, 

and use them to replace

any dreams that you once had of your own.





I really enjoy your rhyme scheme and pattern. I also like how you took the time to layer you poem and accent it with colors. Good job!

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