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Too much to take, too much to give
Too aware to die, too aware to live.
Too white, too black, too inbetween.
Too loud, too quiet, too asleep to dream.
Too good, too bad, too broken to try.
Too healthy, too sick, too broken to fly.
Too rich, too poor, too much confusion
Too sighted, too blind, too controlled by illusion.
Too clever, too thick, too stuck in a rut.
Too pretty, too ugly, to give a rebut
Too bored, too calm, too spoilt and abused
Too open, too closed, too lavished, too used.
Too joyful, too stoic, too lazy to run
Too restless, too righteous, too busy for fun.
Too picky, too shrinking, too fickle to choose.
Too dumb to see what we all stand to lose.

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