Bill Gates

I am Bill Gates

At least I wish to beileve that's true

A high school drop out with fantasies that explains

If he can do it I can do it too

Expect my path consist of drug dealing, stealing and resisting leads to killing

The common factor is it's been done and that seen

Let me explain it again I don't think that made sense

The common factor is Bill decides to do N E (any) thing that's seen

Bill's mind is gated and has a chance of being behind gates because he grew up in a gated community

Gate means to be closed minded through other opportunity

See Bill's fate was created by a closed minded mistakes where education is pictured with hate 

All because of this gate

I am Jonathan Jusino and with this open mind I notice the importance of high school diploma

And the fate of the ones stuck in a coma

See sky has no limit you must break through that ceiling

And realize that a high school diploma is not the ending 

It's just the beginning of this cold world we live in


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