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The devil starts now,  Set loose, bound by its vow, Heaven will come down, like aliens bow, We in the low, to safety, they will tow, 
what if the demons your fighting aren't just voices in your head. what if they're just you letting yourself down. hurting yourself, killing yourself..
what if the demons your fighting aren't just voices in your head. what if they're just you letting yourself down. hurting yourself, killing yourself..
There are weights on my chest, when I try to breathe. Heavy thoughts that I wear, upon both of my sleeves. And I never can tell, just when they will leave. These demons that prey,
i wish you would hold me  like you hold that glass bottle like its the only thing that can comfort you, the only thing that accepts you,  the only thing capable of keeping your demons at bay
There’s a devil kneeling at my heels  and an angel bowing low before me.  One burns bright and blinding, the other burns strong and lasting.
Section I I am much too forward with my words I interrupt people while they talk  With completely unrelated pieces 
I find myself awake at this hour. I can’t sleep. Monsters crawl across the floor. Shadows haunt the edges of my vision. Demons hang from the ceiling.
All I am is a shadow A whisper of smoke in a dim room The smell of gasoline on couches and chairs I am the match that calls from the box in the drawer in the kitchen in the home you forgot was yours
I don't want your love songs I don't want your melody tastes Everything was a lie and now there's no music Only silence and emptiness I confessed to you one morning Long after the sun had gone down
This brain is far from empty, For my demons lodge here too. This body's getting heavy. This soul's ready for the tomb. My body is a shell. a husk of what once was, My mind makes lodge in hell,
A world full of doubt, skies clouded. Roads do not seem clear, yet we still continue driving. Through the fog, aiming towards our destination, is it okay to become lost?
How are you? Im fine. Are you sure? Im fine.  You look sad though... Im fine. So no cravings?  Im fine. 
i walk amongst an ocean of stars in a world of shadow. touch the reflection, obsessive perfection. the uncertainties of my mind permeate my very step, a constellation of faces in unfamiliar places.
“Outcasts are unwanted,” we often praise But do we try to understand how they are living their days? Ridiculed, taunted, just jokes to make you laugh things to make you forget about the quiet you don’t have.  
Christ within, Christ without. To the heavens I scream and shout. Inside my head I should find no doubt. But inside a bed, there it lay. Forever it wish to stay. My heart, it hopes to sway. To bring about my own dismay.
 I don't know who or what you are, But I know the pain you put me through I am reminded by my mental scars Coming so close to death because of you  Feelings of deep self-hatred and shame Keep overcoming my will to push through So my addictions rem
Trigger Warning: Suicide I’m surrounded.   Shadows line my concrete walls, Reaching out, They pull at my knotted hair,
Outside your window  lies the hand that feeds you poison  now would be the reason  to bite the hand that feeds you  but you can’t know what you don’t know   angel exterior  but a monster inside 
Pressure keeping me in a state of mind Though it's not fine Desperation in my eyes
These demons always plague me, They keep me in constant torment. Where could the angels be? They aren’t stopping my demons. The demons only get riled,
Everyone has demons, But mine are different. They feed on my pain, And play with my sanity. They jump from shoulder to shoulder,
The letters across my back shout the truth so urgently so vividly that no one can deny.  The world so clearly seen from behind.  But in the front, a hollering silence fills the void, even those of gifted ears
Click* The light flicked The darkness hid. Hisss! The cat whispered To the cockroach In the crib, The baby is dead, The house is filled with holes And no water,
  I’ve been face to face with the Devil.    I have braved darkness, deep and shallows. Above and beneath the bowls. O! The howls!   I came a long way on this hell road, with my eyes closed,
Worst of all. Better than the best. Feels like I'm flying when I fall. Will I rise to the test?   Super highs. Deadly lows. White lines. White smoke.
The little girl Could just not sleep Because her thoughts Were way too deep Her mind had gone Out for a stroll And fallen down
there’s a woman who wasn’t the best mother   she had depression it was quite sad even tried to take her life  
I died to sleep Perchance to dream To escape this old world With its horrors yet untold.   But, alas, I stirred For a frightful air Disturbed my slumber Causing me great despair.  
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Not much has changed, looking back, in a year When more often than not there are days with your tears Flooding my own and lifting the ships That I sent my demons away to drown in;
Dear Demons, You have resided in me for as long as I can remember. You seem to haunt me every September. Your claws burn me like the everlasting hellfire. Every year you cause my small things to become dire.
To my own demons: Internal weakness, sin of sloth, why must you chain me down so?
they yell at you they call you names they say you should kill yourself already welcome to my mind these are my demons they say I'm a slut, a whore, and many more I cut because they are here
 She's shoved, under theseOld archways, while this Preist, whoSpeaks in Forgottentongue, banishes dark demons,From her newly blessed body
she's barely making it through each day  there's some days she just wants to throw her life away but nobody knows that because they dont look behind the mask maybe if they did  they would see just how much pain she is in 
Her white Silhouette,Weaves through weeping, tangled trees,Of this once thrivingMarshland, as her screeching wails,Bear this man's, looming death 
The grasp on her is tight Suffocating her sanity Hands numb Heart still beating Her mind? Filled with demons Flooding her veins with tortuous thoughts She silently screams, but no one hears
He stands in the cornerShade a shadow of black thoughts in my headDraws weights in my skin drawing out
I'd rather set myself on fire Then listen to you anymore I'd rather burn and scream in hot agony Then sit in silence feeling the opposite pain within
I don't want you to think it's over This is just the beginning Let repetition kill the potency Of the demons’ chant “we’re winning” Listen just one more time
Leave me alone Those words  sharp and cruel  It's cold it's cold it's cold I don't mind the feeling  I don't mind the frost   
I've fallen into the mirror again Eyes on me, but where have mine been Escape this version I try to explain Lost within the thoughts in my brain   Anticipating the end of my rope
Through my dark eyes and out of the shattered window I see fire An endless and chaotic fire with flames of hatred I hear the cry of people coming to their deaths
Before you read this, know one thing; I was not myself when I wrote this, and I am not one to write so negatively.
I’ve been lost, wandering around in the dark Silently begging for someone to come Find me. To lead me out of the dark woods Shine a light to show me the path out With a strong hand to keep me from stumbling.
I continuously shuffle the cards of life Searching for the answer of my wife On a rotary phone in Cleveland   But only receive a land line From Colorado this time So without a doubt you know 
they cam e back this time they wanted my hands so I couldnt lay fingerprints on anything anymore no evidence of my evil  just poison from my wrists they wanted to see
Sitting in class with my Victoria Secret perfume of Temptation and in my new letterman jacket. I’m on the honor roll, valen victorian of my class, and engaged, not in some ostensible straitjacket.
I know the pain Of losing someone close.   I know the pain Of losing a family.   I know the pain Of losing faith.   My pain has a name. She comes in four.  
I can hear him whisper in my ear, he calls my name, controls me with fear.   These vile demons running in my head, live in my dreams and beneath my bed.   I feel guilty.
Water Only clear  Loose and cascading over my body I cannot breathe I cannot speak Cannot Will not open my eyes I am drowning Voices collide  Suffocating me
Cast away the fire throw away the flame are you growing tired? feel nothing but the pain place it on the pyre  your demons are to blame mirrors are reminders of the beast you cannot tame
My thoughts are killing me, my dreams are haunting me. My body is covered, with hundreds of scars. My eyes are liars, and so is my mouth. My body disgust me, I'm repulsive to myself.
Last year, Long ago, You would not recognize me For who I am today. I was a Royal Bitch, I was a Demon in human skin, Crawling and scratching and whining My way  To the outside world.
I glance down at my legs and see a familiar sight Droplets of unsure tears gliding down my thighs I wish that I could comprehend the darkness that's within I can see the demon's shadow
Stumble, trip and fall I will arise once more No weight may break me No obstacle may bar me I will overcome it all No demon shall sway me
The sea is mighty and great With tides threatening to consume everything The air is misty with the ocean spray And loud with the wave's roar   The sight is a beautiful one indeed
They're here, And I have so much fear. They tell me to die, And I can't help but cry. They hold me down, And make me want to drown. They love the night, And it gives me such a fright.
Poems fall explicitly from my mouth.  Demons crawl explicitly in my head.   I'm never sure how to handle the speed at which both are produced. I just know that I amd the only thing between them
Some people believe in a heaven and a hell.  The place where the people with good souls live in eternal paradise. The place where those of evil are condemned to eternal punishment.  But hell is empty.  The devil lives among us.  Sometimes you can
Liar is what I've become, To spare the feelings of everyone. I won't say a word, And you won't notice. I'll keep quiet and smile, And all my lies are worthwhile. I'm sick of turning to you for help,
The air is thick, stifling My heart sinking Stagnating, then exploding Filling my mind with a million senseless thoughts Somewhere amidst the chaos
Hope flickers like a small flame Easily put out in the wind of the ghastly night. So I lay on the cold hard floor Staring at the silver moon dancing. Dancing with the fading stars Across the onyx abyss.
Voodoo priestess see the world that lives within our own,Sight is blind but chilling touch can reach within the bone.Gilded wishes pervert the mind to cheat the humble man,
I hear the screams I hear the cries But when I try to stop them The voices reply, "Darling dear….” “You've been talking back!"
He stares at his ceiling It's half past four It's paranoia he's feeling He looks at his door No one will come Yet, he still tries to run Away from his demons They scare him a ton
Turn up the radio, as high as it goes. Drown out the echoing screams, That tell you nothing, But mean the world to me. The inaudible screaming in my head, Where the little monsters play.
Life is a journey through the woods And I’m stuck in a bitter-sweet loop Many times, I’ve sworn I’ll change, but
Always trying hard. Abusive devil drinks near. A senior I'll be .
I must say that love is a disease it can bring us to our highest so fast but destroy us all with ease And after that, not even a second do we last
Author's Note: I am extremely proud of this poem. I entered it into San Mateo's City Arts contest and recieved an honorable mention, and didnot have any intention, and did not follow the theme. So I hope you all enjoy this poem.
Angels and Demons are so over used. People say you're one or the other, People say you dress or seem like one or the other. My years through hisghschool taught me, Neither of these exist. There is good.
Tyler Roolf   Shenango High School   Class: 2017         My Inner Demons  
You would call out into your restless night, “I need an Angel that will end my fight, one that brings daybreak upon my endless night.” But the storm raged on, unwavering.
I sit there in silence, Alone in the dark, Listening to the soft hum  Of the words that float around In a familiar and gentle sound. Staring at the empty room before me, Wondering where I went wrong.
I don't belong in heaven, I'm not accepted in hell, I'm neither angel, nor demon, I don't belongin the human realm. I have some power, and nothing to give. I have a life, whith nothing for which to live.
Silence falls before me, Leaving me all alone. Words forever trapped, They will never be known. I can't speak, for I don't know how, By I can feel it all around. The sound of the drum shakes the room,
Please help me And make these shadows leave Save me from the darkest street Turn the lights back on And I'm crying Then I'm broken Shattered on the floor The mirror hides unseen faces
"What is life? When someone has the power to take it away? What is love? When there will be so,so  many heart breaks? What is it?  what keeps us going? Up the endless current that we're rowing,
"A feeling of fire Deep in our bones I'm not the liar  With a heart of stone  But go ahead, Call me out,  On somthing you did Go ahead and shout It's not like they believe you 
Triggers are like demons When the threat is there the trigger is created Which creates my demon But sometimes even when the threat is not directed at me it traps me
  Here in the garden, kaleidoscopic. Here where I took and ate, saccharine. Here she was born.   Let me go  Please stop it.    My veins crepuscule. Eyes dark  Lips dark
I open my eyes to another Hell As I’m pulled into another restless dream. I fight the demons though my fears swell I fight through their torture and schemes. I’m blinded by an explosion
Pain brings the saddest days or the happiest moments Pain of sacrifice is more bueatiful then a childs pain turned into a starlit lotus If you lose pain you lose focus
My brain is taking complete control and it just won't stop. I keep shaking all the way to my soul; I can feel my heart drop. My hands go over my ears,
Welcome to a world full of monsters and empty souls. A world where all night you hear whispering down the halls. Sending you into a mindless daze where nothing is what it seems,
Cold, wet, and defeatedThe angel laid her hand on my shoulder"Let me show you you aren't depleted,Come with me or grow colder.This is not what you intendedI can show you the light,
I left her  Afraid scared and alone.  My guardian angel needs me.  I did not know my heart was her home.  I felt I could fight alone,  But I proved I am weak broken and a wreck.
      Mommy the demons in my head, Just will not let me go to bed.
Chocolate chastises my every thought, addiction from something easily bought, dagerous yet sweet, I am caught. What waits within the wrapper will always win, we all have our demons, and chocolate is my sin,
I slowley sink Into the darkness Of my mind The demons know me They call me by name But they don't care for me For who could love A depressed girl?
Our bodies are nothing but sacred battle grounds.Our ribs wrap around our chests to ensure that no one else feels the earth-shaking explosions that rock our cores. Our muscles ache and strain just to keep every struggle confined and hidden. 
There was a smell of suicide in the air tonight.
Ominous ebony smoke fills the air A mist of forsaken souls condemned to demons Alabaster arms reach out and grab the prey Frozen fingertips stain the innocent flame Nails running deeply into the skin
 I lie here not knowing if I’m awake or asleepI quickly open my eyes to realize the reality I once knew no longer existI no longer existA darkness now consumes me
Demons They are everywhere They are hidden inside In the darkness We don't notice But we release our inner demons.... It's the symbol of hatred Sadness Despair Bloodshed
Waiting for change, chances aren't worth taking. Waiting for answers, the future is still in the making. Change. A word that requires action. Struggle. Fighting the distractions. Step. Step. One foot in front of the other.
The battle within, is more intense than the fight outside. I want to take a puff, hit that needle, run then hide. I am brave in spirit, and stronger than I realize, but nothing I can think of, can compare to the high.
I've seen the Angels and Demons, I'm aware of Davinci's code. I keep falling down this path I'm on, somewhere I lost the road. I've stared a monster in the face. the evil I should fear, I felt none.
Dark power won't ever stand a chance. I feel the evil shadows and see them in a glance. I'll never let them reach my heart; Dark power didn't stand a chance from the start.   Demons try to overcome me,
Ignore the girl hiding behind the maskshe whispers to me at night"what have you done?""you're so stupid""why would anyone want to care about you?"her whispers raise in volume and venom
I always feel like crumbling As gravity pulls me down, But when the music kills the sounds I find myself lost in a sea of harmony All the sorrow and anger I've felt Gets lost stolen and secure
Sometimes I just look at you wondering how the world treats you, and what's going on inside your head.
    Desguised, hidden, shunned, and thrown away. I look into the mirror, all that I see, is the demon staring back at me. Never knew who it was, until my mind was frozen with time.
Smoke in mirrors, to the sick minded that's clear Clear as crystal... The thoughts of ending life with a pistol
The burning under my skin, a fire clawing out of my body. I hear the tortured souls cry as they are slowly burned. The demons hide in the shadows, waiting for me to sleep. The moment I close my eyes,
  Confidently unthinking I walked into the shadows  I thought I was Lolita, hardly, really I was callow
This is my final prayer, That someone will care, But it never seems to change Because my mind is really strange.   It's dark inside, All my pain and demons hide, Maybe one day you'll see,
Here it comes again, The inevitable void In the pit of my Stomach.  
Maybe you fall down sometimes Maybe the voices speak up again Maybe you get lost easily Maybe you don’t have to have everything figured out Maybe… Maybe some days are harder than others
My sister
My sister
Most of the time We try to look at someone else's eye's Try to understand through their covered lies But what we do not realize Viens throb from shameless drugs that mezmorize When their mama cries
My demons Have your face now. Haunting my existence. Creeping into my dreams.             My nightmares. Keeping me awake Keeping me on edge. Keeping me your prisoner…
The dark and lonely atmosphere filled the air
There were so many sleepless nights, days where you'd lie in bed, and hardly even bother to see the light. You couldn't find a reason, but you were just broken.
Sun beats down on soft green grass,
Peace cannot be found here Only oblivion is final peace Demons are everywhere here
3 years old and father is ill. Ill. I'll see him quench his obsessions, filling his demons with the drink of death. They burn his insides, destroying our home, while he sits calmly releasing his bitter smoke.
My mind is exhausted, but I choose not to sleep. I just keep repeating words in my head, knowing I'm indebted to a man with nail-pierced hands And my time-span is spread-thin
A desperate question, asked by a friend Five simple words- “Have you set a date?” My heart quickened my mind raced Did you know that queries could be daggers?
It’s not that
If you choose to do so 
Fear storms through the dark endless skies Where it seems that land can only exist at night Where thugs rule the world and parents hide behind doors Hypocritically stating,"the world is yours"  
My body is so tired, but my mind can find no rest.  I lie awake at the darkest hours, fighting the demons in my head.    They poke and prod at my skin  as I wander the earth
Another night.
  These careful creatures come out to play, I see them run, jump, and roll in the mud They're like clouds on a summer's day, keeping a smile on my face and the sadness at bay 
I feel him on my back, The demon that’s riding me, He’s been with me through everything.   Every panic attack, He’s the one on my chest Making it hard to breathe, As I gasp in air.  
What do my demons look like?   Beautiful, appealing on the outside, they tempt even saints. They steer off the path those who have the smallest complaints.   Finding these small holes in faith
I close myself to the public I close myself to you There are dangers inside my mind You might prick your fingers reaching inside So I lock up my head and my heart goes with it Don’t look at me like that
People say I'm crazy. 
People say I'm trippin'
What drew you out into the shadow, Alone at the midnight hour?
At a young age I was told Demon's have black horns And Angel's have white wings   I was taught that Demon's will trick me into love Then their black horns would imprison me  
She's broken inside with nowhere to hide, yet she has everything in the world. She's got family and friends and the spoiling never ends. But what she wants  is just a connection. Where is he? 
A whisper in the night, Unnatural chill, causing a fright, But my shiver isn’t from fear, As sharp nails, like claws, Run down my bare back.   Shining eyes in the dark,
we love to observe the angels the gods the light we love to pick out our beauties especially in those we adore. this is why love fails.
I'm swimming in a sea of saddness, running out of breath. Although it seems I've spotted shore, I'm always wrong: it's never near. I wish I'd sink or be attacked, at least then I'd feel something.
I'd make a contract and sell my soul, I'd wear the mark that bounds my soul, for he's a demon, I'm his master, he'll do what I say, just for my soul, I don't mind for I'm unhappy,
Sick severed lipsHolding my bare hips.Like Achilles heel,The emotional appeal is severed. And though I have no brainI can't really complainOf the wonders in the skyAnd how high I can go.
To change the past was your mistake A broken life you can’t remake Scars become the lines that you have crossed.   A child’s yearning to be free Became your own worst enemy.
                                                               Sinner are lairs who sweetly Roll a golden red apple into the world. Like bombs they go off boom boom
They built these walls to protect me At least that's what they said. "Monsters, demons and darkness live Beyond these high stone walls" Entrigued I was by their small fact
Music is for the broken whose will has been abandoned and suicidal thoughts have nested. So quick to contemplate death. Instead a track plays to vibe with the heart and mend the mind to health.
I wander throughout the earthSearching for my havenWhere is safety?All that I see is as the firstNothing familiar to my sightConstantly running from the pastForever hauntingHe hunts for my soul
Innocence…Enlighten my eyesYour memory haunts my soulWill you forget me forever?Is our separation an eternity?Innocence…Vileness consumes meDarkness blinds me
She stares in darkness her smile twisted her eyes blackened Who is this demon? Tears of blood fall she screams in pain oh God, my sweet God Where are you now? Kiss my stained lips
SplitShatteredOne of many facesOne maskWho knows the answersFrom offenseTo defensePoet at onceFighter the nextLover at daySinner by night
  Sometimes nothing holds me together, The bond is ruined straight from the seam. I look around and reach through forever,
Why I write seems such a complex question to pose, With so many shimmering answers to reply with that shout for attention, In my soul.
Heart thrumming Blood pulsing Mind racing Thoughts raging Demons pounding At my door Becoming one of them Once more.
Screams shout from the soul. Dark demons fill the air. A hundred pieces of broken glass to walk upon. No where to go, lost, trapped. Stuck at the bottom, no way out. Help! No one hears, no one cares. The light is ever fading.
she silently stares at the monsters under her bed chin resting on the knees she has pulled to her chest, eyes as empty as the rhythmic heart beating— out of obligation— between her ribs.
Drowning in black. Pulling me back is the red The rage that brings around my head The blood to bring about the blue flood, Not of tears, but of a flimsy handle on my fears
Pain is silent demons, sometimes welcomed in our life Often sorrowed for or about The bloody red tears, that represent pain Are all but real, for pain is what you feel Tell me, do you feel pain from reading this poem;
You love him he loves you There's something not supporting you two. It cuts through your love like a double-edged sword, You were barely even warned. You thought that love would be enough,
Like a touch upon the heart He touched my hand. A feather, caressing my pain within. I fell apart.. I fell, melting through the tiniest all seams. Like that feather knew
I hear a boom, It makes me wanna stop. I hear a boom, Makes my heart stop. What could it be? maybe a demon being released from me. Hell's hound running loose Forever bound to the streets.
Twilight engulfs me. I lose myself within its shadows. I no longer exist. I am part of the faceless dark. I hate the night.
Orphaned from so young an age It’s a wonder I ever escaped that cage The world was so dark from the place whence I came Monsters and demons they soon became. These Monsters and demons came from those to be trusted
here we are all alone, each of us a dry,    dead             bone. NOTHING left to loVe or haTe                          a barren wasteland of empty fate
Beneath the moonlight I make my way, Clearing out the fog From the glare of day. The darkness tempts But does not take. She dances to me, But does not seduce. I do not deny her,
Never never never never I've been lost forever, forever Never to be found or guided Lost without a sunlit path
She’s a broken angel She can’t fly anymore She’s a broken angel She can’t deal no more The mornings are ending The nights are dead The walls are pressing in Voices in my head
Have you ever had something just catch you? Right when you were off guard. That little, spontaneous, thing. That makes everything that made you so weak So fragile So lost
Turn out those lights and darken this room. The temperature's down, it feels like a tomb. Breath coming ragid and heart beating fast. Waiting for this attack to finally pass. Shutting my eyes to block out my mind.
Just an angel in Hell Trying to get to Heaven The closer she makes it to the in-between The further away Heaven seems One day she'll make it there Until then, she'll keep fighting her demons
The silent song of sorrows played with ease, As her tribal dress swayed along the breeze Her feet dug deep into the earth with every stomp In her native tongue she spoke a vicious taunt,
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